September 4, 2010

Hour and a Half Getaway

I went to work on Friday just like any other day, but left a few hours early; in the neighborhood of 2:15ish. The office was already half empty with the long Labor Day weekend coming up, and everyone that was there...well, they were there in body, but their minds were clearly elsewhere.

When I got home, Lilly was taking a nap and K.C. asked/told me "Why don't you go fishing?"  Well, you don't have to tell me twice.  Unfortunately, my favorite trout stream is only five minutes from my office, but 20 or so minutes from my house.  While a 20 minute drive isn't far, I didn't want to go back toward work, so I decided to hit the Schuylkill River at the Limerick Area boat launch (a few minutes from my house).  Hadn't fished there since last July, and I've hardly fished warm-water species this entire year.

When I got there, the river was low.  Really low.  We haven't had good rain in quite a while, and it showed.
View from the bank
Looking downriver

Unfortunately, since this was going to be a quick trip I wasn't wearing the right stuff to go wet wading to get out towards some of the deeper water.  Since I probably wasn't going to get into any smallmouth bass shore fishing a foot or so deep water, I downsized my lures a bit and went after some sunfish they say, when in Rome...
A trip down memory lane:  My first "adult" rod & reel
Purchased when I rediscovered fishing in my mid-20s

Here's a sampling of my "haul" today:

I could have photographed a ton more of these tiny fighters, but what's the point?  I was having too much fun catching one after another, I left the camera in my pocket after about the first 20 minutes.  What a great way to spend a quick hour and a half before dinner.  I probably need to remind myself to go back to this spot more often to get a quick fix.


  1. Any state records in the bunch?

  2. what did better the panther martin or the rooster tail?

  3. Always nice to get out there. We sure could use some rain!

  4. Can't tell you how many times I went wet wading when I wasn't planning to. Must be the reason I have so many crappy looking tennis shoes. The little ones are kind of cute.


  5. Days like those are gifts. It doesn't get any better, then again... keep chasing the dream.

  6. Green sunfish? Nice pics - I miss wet wading

  7. Nice.

    Those little guys have some of the most beautiful colors, and markings of any fish.


  8. @ Clif - HA! I'm not sure, because of your comment I looked at the PFBC's website, the only panfish they list in their recordbooks are crappie & maybe.

    @ Big - Roostertail. But to be fair, I fished it first. Only switched to a PM after I lost the RT on a river bottom rock. By then, the fish were probably conditioned to something buzzing by their heads.

    @Bill - No kidding, Hurricane Earl was a letdown in these parts as far as rain goes.

    @Shoreman - I wasn't about to lose the shoes I was wearing to river mud. Plus the trout I usually catch are only to 6 to 9 inch variety, so these little guys are just the right size.

    @Rooster - Thanks for stopping by. Days like that remind you about how fun fishing is.

    @Wolfy - Sure. Pumpkinseed, rock bass, redbreasted sunfish, all the same to me.

    @Brk - You're right, if you really look the markings are very colorful. Pretty fish.

  9. Love the tackle. I grew up a spiner fisherman on small streams. I love to fly fish, but ther is something about ultra-light spinning gear with the possibility of a pig brown.

  10. You caught some nice bait! Ha ha!

    I have had plenty of days like that. Especially in urban ponds and lakes (on urban rivers, it's always chub and suckers like that)

    Better than NOT going fishing....but I don't have to tell you that.