September 27, 2010

Another Weekend of No Fishing

Didn't get out fishing for the 3rd straight week.  Last time I was out was Labor Day weekend, seems so long ago.  Won't get out this upcoming week either, have got some things on tap that will take up my time (more on that in future posts; don't worry, it's not as mysterious as it sounds).

Even though I've got an itch that needs scratching, can't say I missed fishing this past weekend.  Spent time running errands, and of course hangin' with Lilly (& K.C.).  This time at "Limerick Community Day."  Despite the name, it has nothing to do with naughty poems, it's the town I live in.  Interestingly, I can't seem to escape those dastardly bounce houses, seems they are lurking around every corner these days...

Some photos:

In the meantime, guess I will just have to get my fishing fix living vicariously through my blog buddies. Tight lines!


  1. Family fun is great, good to see it happening. Lots of time to fish.


  2. Hey Mike. I had tickets to a game at the local AAA baseball park. I thought it'd be cool to take my Granddaughter and introduce her to baseball. She lasted one inning and then she was all about the bounce houses that were at the park. Can't get away from them, even at a baseball game.


  3. I agree with Brk Trt - family time is important.

    This was the first weekend in awhile that I didn't fish, but I spent most of it with my girls. They are growing up much faster than the fish.

  4. I can relate to the lack of fishing time bud...and when I do have things planned the weather seems to poke me in the rear end...saying that, my kids are growing up, much faster than I did it seems.

    Anyway my coffee is starting to hit and I could really ramble on here so I'm gonna cut it short ;)

    We'll have time to fish later... lets enjoy them bounce houses now while we can.