August 31, 2010

Where I Get My Water

I pay my monthly water bill to a company called "Pennsylvania American Water," but who or what that exactly is...I dunno.  Their website says they are "local," whatever that means.  I figure my water probably flows down from NY state as part of the Delaware River system, but I digress.

Ambiguity aside, I was relieved when I received (with my monthly bill) a little pamphlet called "Protecting Our Watersheds" from Pennsylvania American Water.  Unfortunately, I also suspect that when most other people get this with their water bill, it's likely tossed quickly aside into the trash without being read.  So in the interest of passing this basic (but important) information along, I decided to post it here.

Good conservation behavior is not something that should be limited to Pennsylvania.  Please click on each image to zoom and read them a bit easier.


  1. Good info.

    We all live downstream, "American Rivers"

  2. Sacramento practices watershed protection in a big way. They have the American and the Sacramento rivers running through the center of the city. a lot of advertisement about just what your pamphlet talks about. Protect the rivers. Invasive species, well you've heard me talk about that on several posts.


  3. We would all be well served to learn more about the watersheds in our area and where our water comes from. Water awareness is far more important than most realize. Great post.

  4. This is my business. Most Americans do not understand the word "watershed," cannot identify the watershed they live in, and have absolutely no idea (if they're on municipal water) where the water comes from.

    Likewise for meat products, fresh produce, and other foods. Clueless.