August 22, 2010

A Night With Lilly

Lilly & I went fishing last night.  I'll spare the details of a long post - "our" pond was overgrown with thick gunk, she had 3 takes, but wasn't able to set the hook on any in the hour we were out.  No big deal though, she seemed to have fun; throwing rocks, drinking water from my flask, and playing with the pink bobbers in her tackle box.  Even though I brought my rod, I didn't do any fishing, I had my hands full with de-gunking hooks and de-tangling lines.
Rods rigged & ready to go!
Fishing flirt
Fish on!....oops, maybe not


  1. Always good to get out with the kids - Lilly looks like she had fun, and thats really all that matters.

  2. Great look on her face in the top pic,, and dude that rod rack is SICK!!

  3. Love it...
    And like bigerrfish said: "that rod rack is SICK!!"
    I have to agree.
    Also worthy of note: thanks for the link back to your flask. Somehow I missed that post.
    Nice flask indeed.
    (Fill mine with Schnapps or Ginger Brandy)

  4. great post.... again. water in the flask, mmmm. got to do that for the little one but for me I'd toss in a bit of Irish Whisky.

  5. lilly will turn into a fine flyfisherwoman

  6. That's awesome bud, fish or not it's the time invested that the pics....and the rods together is great stuff, did that many a time, leaving mine in the truck as you did (to this day most times when my youngest (also 4) is along).

    You're a good dad (big thumbs up)

  7. Great post - I have 2 daughters, one is still using the Disney Princess rod. The other won a recent fishing derby and now has her own Cabelas spinning outfit (better than mine).

    They both enjoy pond fishing and it makes for a great family outing.

    No one ever takes a picture of their kid holding up a video game.

  8. Thanks all for the great feedback. Lilly is quite the little fishergirl (when her mind doesn't wander elsewhere). It's all on her terms and at her pace, I'm just thrilled to come along for the ride!

    Big @ RD - Your comments inspired another post, hope you like it.

    @ Joel - Water in the flask for the kid; when I'm fishing solo...

    @ Dennis - Thanks for the kind words. Coming from you that truly means something.

    @ Leigh - Great point about the video games.