August 10, 2010

Methods of "Hydration"

In a comment from yesterday's post about my new fishing bag, reader Clif asked, "So where does the flask fit?"

Being familiar with Clif's blog Lunker Hunt, and THIS post of his in particular, I know this question was posed with tongue planted firmly in cheek.  However I also thought this would be a good opportunity to share a pic of a recently purchased flask (for water, of course...), and ask what everyone else brings along to transport their liquid of choice while fishing?

Need I Say More?


  1. I acquired a net bag that clips to my belt. It's the perfect size to slip in a 16.5 oz bottle of water. Fits on anything with a belt including my wader belt. Of course, I've seen many a "flask" during the winter months and I'm sure there wasn't water in any of them.


  2. This area of discussion is one I take very seriously, and have spent copius amounts of time and money researching. The research, of course, is this: Which liquors taste best when thay are warm-to-hot, and straight up?? And what is the appropriate carying vessel for them?

    Having landed Atlantic Salmon in Scotland, and partaking in a great single malt to celebrate the event, the bar has been established at a fairly high level.
    (I'm quickly seeing that this might become a post of it's own, so I'll cut to the chase)

    My choice - a pewter flask from Mulholland Bros., filled with Templeton Rye. IF Templeton is not availble, Old Overholt substitutes quite nicesly.

    In my experience, rye's taste the best of all liqours when warm and srtaight. Hard to find, but worth the hunt.

    WHAT? You mena people drink things other than liqour on a stream or pond??

    Never thought about that

  3. LOL...well, having my kids along 95% of the time..I use a 32oz nalgene bottle.

    However...during trips to the sand, and/or when we are set up for camping and our chaperone (wife-mom)is along, that's another story...most places it still calls for stealthy comsumption though so it's either the red plastic cup (dead giveaway), or a .5 liter water bottle if I need something that can bounce along with me.

    Cool flask btw :)

  4. Cool flask, tie a string around it and you'll find it hangs nicely from neck.

    If the string starts to bite, you're not drinking fast enough.

  5. @ Shoreman - Like the idea for the mesh bottle bag. I may look into that for N/A trips.

    @ Wolfy - Wow. Impressed. In awe actually. Does sound like a post you should consider expanding on over at Flowing Waters...considering your "expertise."

    @ Dennis - Definitely not a kid-friendly option. Would I lose stream-cred toting a pink sippy-cup instead?

    @ Clif - Wise advice my friend.

  6. I can tell you that whatever I bring doesn't look as good as that flask.

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