August 12, 2010

Kype Fishing Magazine - Free Online Issues

Was recently contacted by Kype Magazine about doing a little link exchange.  Figured why not, I've read about Kype on various other blogs like Fin Follower & The Fiberglass Manifesto Facebook page over the past few weeks, read an online copy, and thought the magazine was a pretty solid stuff.  Plus it's topical - about Steelhead, Salmon, & Trout fishing.  Yeah, I'm easy like that.

So here's the deal, if you want to read free online back-issues of Kype Magazine, just click on the little banner over on the right side of my blog (attaway ---->), or click the label/topic tag named...what else?..."Kype Magazine."



  1. Its a decent magazine...Mike, who writes on my blog also writes some articles for Kype as well...

  2. Very nice. I will look into this. Never get enough fishing material.

  3. Thanks for the mention!