August 19, 2010

Joined The Fray On Twitter

Finally took the Twitter leap yesterday. I've been noticing some increased traffic to my blog coming from Twitter, and really couldn't see who my new stalkers were what was going on without signing up. I figure I'll probably use it in the same way I do Facebook - sparingly - and not necessarily as a primary tool to promote my blog.
image courtesy Nancy Dorsner

However... thanks to the viral Twitter intro I got from John @ Seven Bridges Road, I also met a bunch of fellow anglers in a matter of mere minutes. Most of which also have quality fishing/outdoors blogs of their own that I'm happy to share with everyone today.

Please take the time and click through these links, I guarantee more than one will find their way into your "follow" list.

The Sevier County Fisherman - Fishing the Smoky Mountains and Beyond

Texas FlyLines - The occasional commentary by a reel guy that lives in TX

Compleat Thought - Get it?  Like Izaak Walton's "The Compleat Angler"

Waving A Stick - Ever cooked your fly line?  He has..

Stumptown Fly - Stumptown Fly Fishing & Other Adventures

Oh, by the way, if you're looking for me on twitter - holla @troutrageous1.  I might even tweet back once I figure out how it works...


  1. I've never been twitter.
    Then again, I don't "face" book either. Am I behind times?

  2. Me either,, No facebookin now tweetin, bloging is even a pain in my fishing A$$, I must admit I like to see pictures of fish, thats the main reason for the blog

  3. I hear you guys. I'll admit I do facebook, but has nothing to do with fishing, a convenient way to reconnect with old friends.

    As for twitter, I "get" it, but the more I'm in it, I'm not sure it's actually for me. I'll try anything once.

    RD - you're not behind the times, you're being your own person.

    Big - Your blog is good stuff, if it's a pain, I can tell you that this reader appreciates the effort.