August 2, 2010

Happy Glock Day

I enjoy shopping at French Creek Outfitters.  It's the closest thing to a fly shop in my immediate area - they've got a great selection of fishing stuff geared toward the local waters I fish.  As such, I've always had an (uncompensated) link to their website over in the links section of my blog.

I'm not a hunter, so I don't get over to the "other" side of the store much, but they also seem to have a very good assortment of all you'd need to kill any sort of woodland creature you crossed paths with.

Don't misinterpret me all of my hunting readers, I'm no PETA guy, I just was never exposed to hunting as a kid so it's not in my arsenal (bad pun intended) of recreational activities.  That said, when I saw this today, I was stunned by the straightforwardness of the marketing campaign, including the evident invention of a new holiday.

If that doesn't make you want to go out and shoot some sh*t, I don't know what would.

(I'll get back to doing more fishing posts again soon, I promise...)

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  1. Thanks Mike for linking and visiting the Average Joe Fisherman blog. Keep on eye on it and let me know what you think periodically.

    By the way, I truely enjoy Troutrageous.

    Tight lines brother - Ryan