August 28, 2010

Going To Bed Early Tonight

Back from a two day mini getaway to the Hershey & Lancaster, PA areas. Took the family to Hersheypark & the PA Renaissance Faire - and yes, a post will come on those adventures in the next few days - I'm just too tired to get it in tonight - it's going to be an early bedtime.

In the meantime, settled in back at home and sat down for some long overdue time at the vise. Tied up what I'd call sort of tenkara-style flies, I guess this is my version of an Ishigaki Kebari.

Sorry for the shoddy camerawork.  My fishing area resides in a dark corner of my basement, doesn't make for the best of macro shots.

1 comment:

  1. Good looking fly. Since I got my tenkara rod I have caught probably 90% of my trout on that fly. Black thread and brown hackle, and either a dry fly or heavy nymph hook, depending on how I want to fish it.