August 15, 2010

Fishing Valley with "Flyguy"

I received an email earlier this week from "Flyguy" from the forum.  After a summer of warm water fishing, he had an itch to go chase some trout at Valley Creek.  An invite to go trout don't have to ask me twice.

We met up around 6:30 AM and decided we were going to work upstream, starting at the covered bridge all the way up to the metal bridge on Wilson Road.  Flyguy doesn't fish that stretch as much as I do, and I was more than happy to show him around.

Flyguy reading the drift

Well, let's just say I didn't have to show him much.  First hole, BAM, Flyguy had a fish on almost immediately.  As a matter of fact, I probably should have stayed in bed because Flyguy was tuned in (and then some) to the trout this morning, pulling brownie after brownie out...again...and again...and again.  He probably outfished me a minimum of 15 trout to my 2 - yeah, I bow my head and fall upon my rod in awe.

Another release...

Kidding aside, it was a really fun morning.  The air temps were on the cool side (mid-70s) and the water temps were also fair (low to mid 60s).  Water levels were low, would have liked to have seen at least another 6-inches to a foot in some places, but were still very fishable.  We stopped around noon, or at least I did.  I had to get home to run some errands with K.C. & Lilly; Flyguy told me he was going to hit a few holes above the Wilson Road bridge before he called it a day.  With the hot streak he was on, who could blame him?


As for my Firebug experiment...none of the fish I caught were on the little orange midge.  I nabbed my trout on a size 18 copper john, and then a size 18 beaded prince nymph.  I'm not sure what sizes Flyguy was using, but he did mention having luck with a black zebra midge and an Al's Rat pattern.  That said, I do think those little Firebug midges will produce, especially this fall & winter, so I'll probably pick some up just to continue this experiment.

A few more pics from today:

Those little trout don't stand a chance
View looking upstream


  1. It's always fishing with a "new" friend. When you get slammed like you did, makes you wonder if he hasn't fished that creek more than he let on. But who cares, that kind of fun is the best. After all, aren't we out there to help others catch fish?


  2. looks like you guys had a grand time, I too, should be enjoing an experiance like this soon..

  3. Nice team work out there. I have yet to hit Vally in the am...i usually try in the afternoon, but need to try for an early riser. Isn't it crazy that you can have a 10+ fish day on that little historic stretch of water. I love it.