Firebug Midges

Ordered some flies the other day through Fly Deal Flies via a referral by Bill (who also writes the Fishing Through Life blog).  Although I haven't received the trout flies I ordered yet, I did receive an introductory letter from the retailer with a free sample of 3 size 18 Firebug midges in it.  Found them to be very interesting, if for no other reason than the rainbow of colors.

Don't know if they catch fish, but I planning to head out tomorrow morning to give them a try.  Hopefully I'll be posting some photos of trout with orange zebras hanging from their jaws.


  1. Troutragous
    I have been ordering flies from this company for the past two years and found the price and the quality exceptional. They have their own in house tiers, and usually get the flies back to you in about a week. The fire bugs are really exceptional too--the zebra, red and cream colored are the ones I have tried. They have all produced trout for me. Did you give them my name as the person who steered you to them? That is the way I get free flies on my next order. The same thing can happen for you if you refer someone to the company. Thanks for mentioning my name.

  2. accually I read that if Troutrageous tells them, Trussell sent him, you both get a dozen.
    Mike, those are some sweet little bugs to have in your arsenal,, I would say red, orange, and black will be gold to you and in the winter yellow and blue. looking forward to an outrageous trout post!

  3. Interesting looking bugs! They kind of lean towards the Euro Micro Nymph school, but are too large to be an exact fit. I'm looking forward to your fishing report and how these little guys fish for you!

  4. Innovative color schemes! They would work wonders on some of the selective fish down here.

  5. @ Bill - Hope you get "credit" for my purchase. I believe I indicated that you sent me on my order, but I just emailed them one more time just in case.

    @ Everyone else - Yeah, I like these a lot. Will probably go all in, I think these will be some gems come fall/winter.

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  7. @Anonymous
    Anonymous, feel free to email me through the "Contact" tab at the top of the page and we'll exchange ideas. I like talking to strangers.


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