August 20, 2010

Feeling Sketchy

My daughter Lilly loves to draw. She's quite fond of drawing princesses (especially Cinderella), but the other day took a different approach and drew a map of our neighborhood.  It not only included her house, her friend's house, & the playground, but also the Mexican take-out place.  How can I make that up?

It's interesting to watch how her 4-year old mind works, and how she interprets different things. Pencils, magic markers, doesn't matter, if it marks up paper (and her hands) she's all about it. I'm especially fond of the scribbles inside of a sports themed birthday card she gave me this past June. As you can clearly see, Lilly (on left) is bowling - notice the detail in the bowling ball, and I (on right) am wearing a baseball glove and catching a ball.

I guess it's in her genes. Her mom went to art school at the University of Kansas and is super-duper crafty.  Me...I was more a doodle-in-the-margins of my spiral notebook kinda guy, no teacher went unscathed in middle, high school, or college without a over-exaggerated caricature or two.

It kinda got me thinking, I really don't draw much anymore.  The last time I picked up a pencil to sketch something was probably in college, and that likely involved my statistics professor and a medieval torture device.  So last night I found a mechanical pencil with a very good eraser, and found myself really enjoying drawing again.

Don't worry, I'm not going to go all Joel DeJong or Peter Strid on you guys, they are far more talented than I'd ever hope to be, just thought I'd share. (Plus it gives me an excuse to plug their blogs!)


  1. Mike! Nice work brother. all it takes is a little trial and error. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Their is nothing wrong with drawing and that trout you did looks awesome
    and if you autographed it I would frame it and place in my den.

    Very nice!

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Muzzleloader Testing

  3. I admire those that draw & paint since I have talent in neither category. If I only had half your talent.


  4. Sweet s-catch. I used to doodle a bit during high school geography classes... wonder if I can still scribble a postable project.. I doubt it..
    Great post!

  5. Thanks for the plug man! I'm thinking that yo need to frame it and hang it over your tying bench. The fish drawing is great as well. I kids love to draw with me to. Great bonding time. Thanks again man.

  6. Nice stuff there. Doing what she likes is a plus.



  7. I think the both of you are great artists!!...I use to love to draw, it's been almost 30 years...this Winter it's time to blow the dust off, great post, thanks for the inspiration.

    Lilly that is awesome kids and I love your drawing!!

  8. If I'm getting compliments from Peter & Joel, than I must be doing something right!

    Seriously, thanks for all of the great feedback and taking the time to read about this different expression of love for fishing (& Lilly).