August 5, 2010

Dental Floss Trickle Down

It's a shame to see any company suffer through a large round of layoffs.  It's really painful when it's a local company, one that's operated more or less in the same area since the late 1800s.  Unfortunately, that's what happened to Gudebrod Inc. last week, a Pottstown, PA based company forced to lay off 60-65 workers last Friday.

What does this have to do with fishing and dental floss you might ask?  Well anybody that has built their own rod or ties their own flies is probably at least familiar with the Gudebrod brand of fishing threads.

Unfortunately, a much larger part of the company's portfolio was also manufacturing Glide Dental Floss.  A contract, that according to this Pottstown Mercury article by Michelle Karas, made up more than half of the company's business...but was also lost to competition in 2007.

Here's to hoping the company's financial fortunes turn around quickly, and more importantly, that all of these recently unemployed folks can land back on their feet very quickly.

Click below to read the Pottstown Mercury article in its entirety:


  1. What a shame. I've always liked Gudebrod and their products. Just another great company that's suffering from the downed economy...

  2. Thats sad. I got caught up in the the bad economy, laid off since New Years.

    Gudebrod is a great product.
    I believe Orvis tying threads are produced bt Gudebrod.

  3. I hope things turn around soon.

  4. Sad is right. Gudebrod made good threads both for tying and rods. It will be hard to find a replacement.

  5. It's definitely a shame. Hopefully they can find the proper financing and get at least some of those folks employed again. The owner did stress the word "temporary" in reference to the layoffs quite a bit in the article - would hate to see temporary = permanent.

    If you enjoy their products, stock up now.