August 6, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Lilly's in what I'd call an "independent" stage right now.  She still loves to do things with her Mom & Dad, but she also likes to do things on her own, which I think is great & encourage.  It's part of finding her own identity.  

One of her newly acquired traits is running at full speed ahead of Mom or Dad into a different room (usually her bedroom or the bathroom), slamming the door behind her, and shouting "PRIVACY!"  Fortunately, she never locks the door and actually waits for you to walk in a few minutes later, it kinda makes me laugh.

She did that last night after dinner - ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.  She was really quiet in there for about 5 minutes, so I asked "Lilly, are you okay?", (you know to make sure she didn't fall in or something), opened the bathroom door, and found this...

Yes, that's the Orvis catalog...and no, this was not staged.  She was studying the Trout Bum & Bamboo fly rod page too; my kid's got good taste.