August 3, 2010

Another Deal From Mepps

Well maybe...

This deal kinda reminds me of when my wife goes on a serious shopping mission, then comes home beaming.  Our conversation usually goes like this:

K.C.:  I saved us $80 today!  
Mike:  Awesome, great job, what'ja'get? 
K.C.:  [Presenting a mountain-sized pile of shopping bags] 
Mike: much did you spend?    

The Mepps deal is 2 free GLO series spinners, when you spend $60.  I suppose whatever your thoughts are on spending the $60 first would dictate if this is a good promo or not.  Anyway, thought I'd pass it along, and remember "I found you 2 free lures today!"
*After all discounts are applied.
Two Free GLO Series Spinners offer good through August 31, 2010

Disclaimer:  My wife is awesome.  She never gives me any crap about all of the fishing stuff I buy, even though I've got my own mountain of gear in the basement.  Given, it's no where near the amount of sewing stuff she's accumulated, but I digress...


  1. Sound just like my house. Mountains of sewing stuff and mountains of fishing stuff. Got to love our women.


  2. The disclaimer was a wise move! I have always been amazed at how much space $800 worth of material takes up versus $800 worth of fly rod.

  3. okay - in my defense - my fabric yields income. :)