July 5, 2010

Weekend with Lilly

My wife has been out of town this entire 4th of July weekend. In fact, she doesn't get back from St. Louis (where she's visiting some old friends) until late tonight (Monday), so it's been Lilly & I as a tag team all weekend. I have to give it to Lilly, she's been really well behaved the entire time. Heck, she even put up with the hour and a half drive to Bass Pro on Saturday morning with very few complaints.

Before we went on vacation a few weeks ago to South Florida, K.C. & I told Lilly that when we got back, she could get her first pet of her very own, a fish. (No, I'm not slighting the family dog Caesar, he predates Lilly). She had been eying up the fish at PETCO for a while, so on Saturday after Bass Pro, she was finally going to pick one out.

So with no further ado, let me introduce the world to Cinderella, the fantail calico goldfish - perhaps the one fish I will not subject to a barrage of flies.

Lilly was obviously pretty thrilled, especially about accessorizing the tank. Of course every princess needs a castle of her own.

Last night was going to be a special treat for Lilly as well.  She normally goes to be around 7:30 PM, but this year she was allowed to stay up and watch the 4th of July fireworks (from our back deck) for the very first time.  She was really excited, not to mention we had a full day planned as a prelude up to the big event.

In the morning, a visit to Linvilla Orchards and a stop over at Grandmom's house.

In the afternoon, moving Cinderella into her new home.

In the early evening, helping Daddy make dinner.  (Consider this my homage to Brk Trt).

And at night the fireworks!

Unfortunately, the whole fireworks "experience" lasted about 5 minutes.  Lilly didn't like the loud noises and wanted to go back inside (look at this unhappy face).  It's a good thing we didn't have to go anywhere far to see them.

Once back inside, Lilly sat down on the sofa to watch TV and was quickly back to her happy self, I think Dora & Boots were on a mission to save the Snow Princess or something...  Keeping one eye on her and another to the sky, I did get to see most of the fireworks.  Here's a brief video of some.

So after that full day of excitement on the 4th, there's only one more day of the Lilly & Daddy tag team left - now what to do today???


  1. Looks to have been a full day for Dad and Lilly.

    Well done on the meal.


  2. Very nice. I might have topped the day off with a few light presentations into the gold fish tank. Something in a #22 perhaps. Happy 4th.

  3. PERHAPS you won't fish for Lilly's goldfish???

    And I thought I was bad!

    Great holiday post!

  4. Looks like "Princess Marmalade" has a new friend. Tell Lilly "Cinderella" is sooo pretty. She has the same colors too. I think she likes her own castle and the rainbow stones. MomMom

  5. UPDATE: Read the other day that Lilly's fish can grow up to 12 inches. Considering I catch 8-10" trout now in Valley Creek, that size #22 fly might be undersized!