July 18, 2010

A Nice, Full Sunday

In the words of Ice Cube, "Today was a good day."

Rolled out of bed this morning at around quarter till six.  Headed out to go fishing for the first time in about 3 weeks.  Felt great to be out again, even though it was going to be yet another day of 90+ degree weather.  Once at the creek, the intermittent shade from the trees provided some relief and the water temps were in the low 60s.  Despite the heat I expected the action to be good.  And it was...

Most of the brownies brought to hand were in the 6-8 inch size; however this guy was the heavyweight champ of the day.

According to the handy Measure Net, that brownie came in around 12 inches.  He slammed a size 18 Copper John.  If you're interested in visiting him yourself, he lives here:

Once it started getting really hot around noon, I packed it in and headed home.  K.C. & Lilly had gone to the swim club in the morning, and they had gotten home just around the same time I did.  After a quick lunch, I took Lilly (to give K.C. some peace & quiet) over to the Stony Creek Anglers Nursery Open House.

Let's just say Lilly likes feeding the fish.

We spent almost two hours there.  I couldn't get her to leave!  Looked like there was a good turnout overall, which is a good thing for the club.  I finally got Lilly away from the fish food and back to the car with one magic word..."playground."

Lilly liked it there too.

By that time it was almost 5PM and time to head home for dinner.  Like I said in the title of this post, today was a nice, full Sunday.  One of those days you wouldn't trade for the world.


  1. Right on! We knew you were ready for that fix.
    If she wont stop throwing food to the fish.. Sounds like you may have a fly girl on your hands

    I cant stop sometimes, and I'm already at the playground. Watch out!

  2. Reminds me of all the great times I spent with my daughter at the lake, local pond, local park, and just riding from place to place to get her favorite candy, or a toy. Now she has her own little one and now I do the same thing with her little Bryson. You have a lot Troutrageous to look forward to with your Lilly. Great Post

  3. Its good to see water in those streams.

    Lovely looking brown.

    A good family Sunday.


    Brk Trt

  4. Thanks for posting that vid. As my kids are between 10 and 20 yrs. now, it was nice to see a little one feeding the fish, loving it. Brought a ginormous smile to my face! Thanks.

  5. Good to see you get out again. Those are the kind of days you wish could last forever. That underwater part of the video was pretty cool!

  6. Looks like Lilly's leading the "Good Life" (a lot of unintended alliteration in that sentence!)
    Just like it should be!

    I'm still struggling to find something to fish for - may need to go out west for a few days

    nice post

  7. I may have titled this post, ”Best Dad Ever!” Full day indeed with a few trout and big sunshine smiles. This post is pure gold, man. Once you get things nailed down…head west with pockets full of determination. Best wishes!

  8. Thanks for all of the comments.

    It really was good to go fishing again after the few weeks away from it. Spending some Daddy/Daughter time really can't be beat.

    Wolfy - you said "Lilly is leading the good life," which may be true, but I'll tell you what, when I wake up and see her every morning, I know I'm the one fortunate enough to be leading the good life.