July 4, 2010

My Tenkara Fly Box

I bought a new Plano fly box yesterday at Bass Pro Shops. It's very small, thin, & shallow - maybe 4 inches by 3 inches, and is the perfect size for the front pocket of my chest pack.  (I'm punting the little foam velcro fly patch that came with the pack).

It's also ideal for, and is now the home for, my tenkara flies.  Dries on the top, wets in the middle, nymphs on the bottom.  That ugly thing in the bottom left, well...it's an extra bushy wet I tied up and want to try at a specific spot the next time I get out.

This doesn't make for as extreme a set up as the "one fly is all you need" philosophy currently making the rounds in the tenkara circles, but it's a pretty simple selection nonetheless.

Bass Pro wasn't the only stop I made today either.  Lilly got something too for being a super good girl.  And it has nothing to do with fishing...well, not really.  More on that hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Nice, but I still kind of like the Altoids fly box better. lol

  2. That is a good selection of core flies in my opinion. You should be able to do okay with just that selection.

  3. Looks like a pretty solid box! It should hold all you need.

  4. Thanks all.

    Bill - Lilly confiscated my tin box for her fishing "flies" (which are actually some jigs). Kid has good taste.