July 20, 2010

Missed This Last Week

I'm usually good about trolling around the internet for trouty tasting news morsels...how did I miss that some dude in Wisconsin caught what might be the new world record brown trout?
Photo Credit: Benny Sieu / JSOnline.com

Anyway, this fish is very close to the world record currently held (and set last year) by Tom Healy of Michigan . I wrote a post about that fish at the time as well.

Evidently Roger Hellen caught the 41 pound, 8 ounce beast trolling Lake Michigan as part of the annual Salmon-A-Rama tournament.  After reeling it in and promptly taking to the butcher to prevent shrinkage (don't we all hate that?), they confirmed that it was in-fact world record size.

Actually the first butcher's scale was too small, so they took it to a second one to finally get the measurement.  Yeah, there's still an IFGA confirmation that needs to be made, but that's one huge fish any which way it was measured!

For more info, check out the full article at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online:

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  1. Now that's a beast. That's what happens when you have cold water and lots of food. Lets hope the Asian carp doesn't spoil the Great Lakes.