July 3, 2010

Interesting Little Lure

Checked my email inbox this AM and found this interesting little spinner staring back at me as part of a promotional offer from Mepps.

FREE Mepps Dorsal Fin with $45 Order
Order $45 worth of Mepps lures before July 31, 2010 and you'll get a FREE Mepps Dorsal Fin in any of our nine colors. The Dorsal Fin is unlike any other in-line spinner. Its unique, innovative vertical fin design, and single hook, allows it to pass through most vegetation without getting hung-up. Choose from 9 colors. Size #4 (5/8 oz.) only. Perfect for both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

I don't really need $45 worth of other spinners right now, but since I'm headed over to Bass Pro with Lilly this afternoon anyway, maybe I'll see if they have one to pick up.  I haven't really gone after smallies yet this year, perhaps this will find a place in my otherwise crowded tackle box.


  1. It will be hard to beat the Agila style but a bit curious to see how these would fair. Kinda like a crank and spinner all in one. I'll file this one in the "maybe" pile. Thanks for posting.

  2. Interesting to say the least.

  3. I'm interested also to see if you are able to purchase one, first of all, and, then if you have a chance to use it on some bass in your area.

    What is one more lure anyway to a seasoned angler!

  4. No dice. Picked up a bunch of stuff at BPS today, but couldn't find these. Then again, with all of the lures and stuff they have there, I could have been staring right at it and totally overlooked it. That place is overwhelming sometimes.