I Haven't Gone Fishing in Two Weeks

Need to go

The sound of riffles haunt my ears

Inspiration for blogging has vanished

Having trouble staying.............focused

Practiced "air-casting" at the swimming pool today

Extracting flies tangled in tree branches would be divine

Stagnant drainage ditch meandering through subdivision looks tempting

It may be smart to hide the goldfish

I'm not joking this time


  1. I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling the same way soon.

  2. Alas... there is but one solution to your problem!

  3. Hide the Goldfish...how big are they...no forget I said that. Try to stay focused!

  4. I hope your reading your comment after you return.... So how was it?
    if you didnt go out.... what were the gold fish hittin on?

  5. Welcome up here anytime so no excuses,at all,plenty of waters to fish here

  6. So get your butt in gear and get out there. A little literary nudging from Nor Cal.


  7. Thanks for all of the support guys. Rain pending, perhaps Thursday night after work. Fingers are crossed.


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