July 27, 2010

Fishing for a New QB

NFL Training Camp started this week for the hometown Philadelphia Eagles. This should be an interesting year for the 'Birds, as we've got a lot of young players being asked to step up and fill in roles left vacant by departing veterans.

There's probably no larger a hole to fill than that of QB, with the off-season trade of Donovan McNabb to Washington. Is Kevin Kolb up to the task? Beats me...but I kinda like the guy already. Why? Not only are there rumors that he hunts wild boar with his bare hands in the offseason, but according to this article from the Philadelphia Daily News, the new starting QB is also into competitive bass fishing. Unfortunately, no word on his (or his mom's) feelings toward Chunky Soup.

Excerpt from Les Bowen's Daily News Article:
"I had no desire to get into it, I just kind of stumbled into it," said Kolb, who won a couples competition in Texas' Hubbard Creek Lake with his wife, Whitney. Kevin took fourth this year in an individual tourney that he said featured about 70 boats.
"My dad [Roy] taught me to bass fish a long time ago, but some of my old high school buddies that I ended up moving close to once I moved to [Lake Granbury, near Fort Worth], they said, 'Man, you've got to do this.' My rookie year was the first time I started doing it. Went into it head over heels, too. I like it a lot."
Read the full Philadelphia Daily News article here:


  1. I'm not sure if we should thank you for McNabb or if he will make any difference (been a Washington fan for many, many years). When Washington wins, they are my team. When they lose, they're bums. By the way, Washington starts the season playing Dallas (Washington is sure to lose)September 12th. Bums..


  2. Can't wait for the season to start especially for my Giants, sorry no help for the Eagles.