July 9, 2010

Decision 2010

In tribute to LeBron James' epically overplayed (& extremely excruciating to watch) "Decision 2010" TV special, I think I'm going to contact ESPN about airing an hour long extravaganza about where I plan on fishing this weekend - (brought to you by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America & Vitamin Water, of course).

Hopefully Stuart Scott would emcee.  If not him, maybe Charlie Moore.  It would be phenomenal.

All of the bodies of water lining up courting my services - Valley Creek, Stony Creek, the Schuylkill River, Skippack Creek, and of course the dark horse Darby Creek.  I actually think Darby Creek is currently in negotiations to get fellow free agents Shoreman & Mel Moore to sign up with it in hopes of luring me there.

Oh, wait - BREAKING NEWS - it appears the billionaire Russian owner of the Stony Creek has just signed John Dollar and his handcrafted pipes...ugh, so many good choices, decisions like these are so difficult!

I could just see it now...
"I felt good with my decision after I spoke to my momma this morning.  She told me she'll love me wherever I go, so after some intense soul searching, I'll be taking my tenkara rod and flies with me to...(dramatic pause)...Valley Creek this weekend."
Valley Creek
Insert sound of ecstatic riffles here
Stony Creek
Insert sounds of booing, hissing, and tears.  Betrayal!
"Can I get a witness from the congregation?


  1. That looks like a very nice place to fish for some tasty trout.

    Whitetail Woods

  2. This was incredibly funny and, yes, LeBron was incredibly bad. Great post.

  3. Thanks for the lighter side this post gives. Always good for the soul. Thanks also for the link to my blog and I wonder what kind of signing bonus I might get! :)

  4. ESPN ran the LaBron story in the ground and broke it off---is anyone worth that can of money?? Your post is a great way to deal with an out of control sports world.