July 22, 2010

Channeling Dr. Emmett Brown

Don't know who Doc Brown is?  Click HERE, for it to make sense, 'cuz I'm going back in time!

Anywho...was saving some pics on my computer tonight, and found some old ones from an enjoyable fishing trip I took in the pre-Troutrageous blog days.  Think it was 2005.  My wife's uncle is a boat captain out of Jupiter, Florida.  The in-laws arranged for a trip on his boat for my birthday present.  Was a good time, even though I'm not a big trolling type of guy.  Garden gnomes are cool though.

It was a beautiful day, we caught a bunch of fish, and I had fun fighting a shark for a bit before it broke off the line.  It was probably better that way, I'm pretty sure it wasn't an average shark - most likely it was a sharktopus...and who wants to remove the hook from that?

The ride out from Jupiter
Fish On...yup, you like my fighting belt, don't ya?
Hope that fish's last meal was worth it
Lorraine rocks the belt much better - fierce!
Broken off...  Notice the Fogdog.com hat & $4 Walmart shades
Weren't practicing catch & release on this day
Grip n' Grin
(K.C. still won't touch fish)


  1. Awesome pictures! That looks like some serious fishing, it makes me want to dig out my Penn 114H and go after some big fish! Great Pictures, great post!

  2. Great Times.. Great fish! It's how ya do it! Enjoyed the post, keep up the great work and FISH ON brother!

  3. Trout,
    Found you via my buddy Rick over at Whitetail Woods. Nice Bonito, or is that a Little Tunny? Nice pictures, and a well done blog!
    Best regards,
    Albert Rasch
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles: National Hunting and Fishing Day 9/25/10

  4. @ Bill - I hope you do grab that Penn. Once upon at time they were actually made a stone's throw from me in Philadelphia. Today...well...not so much.

    @ John - Thanks, doin' what I can. This 100 degree heat we've been having has been keeping the fishing few and far between.

    @ Albert - Thanks for stopping by. I'm far from an expert on saltwater fish, but I think we were calling them False Albacore, which I'm pretty sure is the same as a Little Tunny. I'll have to Google it and figure it out. BTW, I stopped by your blog as well. I'm not a hunter, but really enjoy your writing style, so consider me a "follower" now.

  5. Hey Mike, Albert is right. It's Bonita. Had a lot of fun that day.

  6. I just looked it up to confirm. It's a false albacore. Check out the markings running down the back. Bonitos have larger, thicker stripes. False albacore (little tunny) have the short wavy stripes. Here's two links for reference.


    Little Tunny/False Albacore