June 25, 2010

Time For A Change

No, this isn't a fishing post.  It's a post about my ever expanding gut.  If you're not interested in reading further, I understand.  Click HERE to read a really great fishing website instead.

I'm 33 years old, actually my birthday was earlier this month.  I came to the opinion tonight that I'm tired of being overweight.  Now let me set the table (no pun intended), I'm not gigantically obese.  There will be no Discovery Channel documentaries on me anytime soon.   It's also not a vanity thing.  I'm 6-feet tall and weigh about 210 pounds, and despite my flexing & posing in the bathroom mirror, it's not all muscle.  I should probably weigh around 175-180.  At least that's what I did in my slimmer days, and it wasn't like I had a six-pack then.

I've recently noticed I now get winded when I hike up and down hilly trails while fishing.  I don't have the endurance to play a full court game of basketball (my other passion) anymore.  I declared for this week's NBA Draft, but for some reason haven't been picked yet.  My doctor gave me blood-pressure medication for hypertension earlier this year.  Did I mention I'm 33?  I have a 4-year old daughter I want to see grow up.  I want to teach my grandkid(s) how to fish.

I don't think it's a matter of willpower, I can do anything if I put my mind to it.  Heck, BP should hire me - I'll grab a roll of duct tape & a scuba mask and get 'er dun.  It's been more an issue of convenience.  Ever since my wife came down with cancer almost 3 years ago, we've become a bit of a fast food family.  I am not blaming her one bit, that would be ridiculous and totally out of line.  

The point is that I've developed a lot of bad eating habits. It's simply easier to visit McDonald's on a Friday night - especially when your kid insists on only eating chicken nuggets - then make a healthy meal.  I also don't like the fact that Lilly can't read, yet knows (& announces with great excitement) when we drive by Wendy's or Burger King.  I'm Italian; so I like my carbs.  Mangia!  Compound that with a desk job, & (admittedly) too much time on the computer at night, and well...

Thankfully, despite this post, this is not going to become a weight loss blog.  Fishing, Lilly, and other silly pursuits will resume as the topics du jour here again tomorrow.  There's probably more weight loss blogs floating around in cyberspace than there are fly fishing blogs...so who wants to read another one of those?  (I actually just Googled both terms...78 million weight loss vs. 3.6 million fly fishing!!!)  

Don't fear, I will not be posting "before and after" pictures.  I realize the fact that nobody enjoys looking at an overweight (or any weight) furry body these days.  Seriously, I should have been born about 20 years earlier -  I'd be a chubbier version of Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck.

I also don't need any suggestions for miracle workouts - P90X is not for me.  Exotic diets probably aren't my thing either - although that Hollywood Cookie Diet is extremely tempting.  I know eating better and exercise is the cure.  I'm old school that way.

I just figured if I typed it out, I'd have some additional motivation to get at it.  If you made it this far, thanks for being a patient audience.  So it's now in writing - I'm legally bound or something, right?  Plus I've got a bunch of readers expecting it.


  1. Dude dont' be too hard on your self. Your obviously not lazy.. those folks are un big trouble.

    If I win the shades,,, I'll let you in on my,,, fish till you drop, a 4 pack of cracker, manorexia, diet. looks weird in pictures but Keeps ya running like a deer.

    You got this whiped.
    loved the duct tape scuba joke!! hahahah

  2. I've committed myself to losing weight numerous times. I hope you can get it done.

    I'm about in the same boat - 6-2, 225. should be down around 200 or a little less.

    Still, let us know how it's going. I for one, could use some inspiration.

  3. OK, here is the comment from the old guy. My doctor has been bitching at me about my weight for, hell a bunch of years. I weighted 165 lbs (6'3") until the day I turned 25. I immediately went to 225 lbs and have been between 225 & 250 ever since. My cholesterol numbers are good, trigs are good, sugars are good, and so is everything else. I don't have the wind I used to have, but then again, I am 63. I'm not saying chubby is OK, but just keep working at it. I found the South Beach Diet worked really well. I liked the scuba joke too.


  4. and all this time I thought they were just making the trails longer. (Sigh) Maybe it is time to admit that I am gettinga bit flabby these days as well.

  5. Fried Foods out---only baked
    White breads out--only rye bread
    Limit sweets--low cal sweets in limit
    Whole milk out---only skim milk
    Eliminate soft drinks—drink water instead
    Don’t snake between meals—if you eat something between meals make sure it is fruit
    Bed time snakes out --no snakes after supper or is it called dinner where you are?
    Exercise at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week--walking or running—30 minutes or more working out with weights
    And last stay out of fast food joints—the calories will kill there, not to mention the food.
    I weighted 235 pounds when I retired 3 years ago. I didn’t have any energy to speak of so I join a gym and started eating right, and today I stay around 170 pounds. I am back in the waist to what I was when I was in college a 33/34. It is tuff to make yourself stay on this type of schedule but you will be glad you did. As you get older it is harder to lose the weight, I know I have been there, Good Luck with the plan.

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys. Wasn't necessarily looking for it, but it's much appreciated.

    @Big - "Manorexia," now THAT'S funny.

    @Owl - Want inspiration, read Bill's comment...WOW!

    @Shoreman - As long as you're healthy and feel good, that's all that matters.

    @CC - Thanks for stopping by. I think the trails are the same length, but my feet must be shrinking...can't see them when I look down anymore. ;)

    @Bill - Like I said to Owl, WOW. I appreciate your advice, all common sense that most probably don't take. Should we ever meet face to face, I'll buy you a pizza...or maybe pour you a glass of water instead.

  7. so am I in trouble because I asked you to get Wawa last night for dinner :) I promise to cook dinner tonight. A healthy dinner. No baked mac n cheese or pasta roni.