June 3, 2010


Lilly wanted to go fishing tonight and catch "100 fish," so K.C. & I took her to kid-friendly Sanatoga Park again.

We all caught fish...a mix of sunfish & bluegill.  Lilly caught probably the largest fish of all of them, this guy below.
Put a bend in the Barbie rod

She didn't catch her 100 fish (maybe more like 3) as her attention quickly wandered from casting & reeling to playing in the dirt and throwing rocks.

K.C. also gave her new rod & reel it's maiden voyage.

She did really good - probably caught 5 or 6 after she figured out what they were biting on.  If I'm "Troutrageous," she's definitely "Panfisharific!"


  1. Panfishing is THE best way to get into fishing! Thanks for sharing the outing.

  2. i may be panfisharific, but i'm still not touching a) worms or b) fish. ;)

  3. Panfish ROCK! I still love fishing for them (and occasionally eating them) as much now as I did when I was a kid. Great family game!

  4. Looks to be family fun.

    I did some panfishing myself the other day.

  5. It looks like time well spent. Isn't great.

  6. Loved it "put a bend in the Barbie pole" too cute! Good job K.C.---I'm with you on one thing, I won't touch a worm to save my life. Fish on the other hand, I don't mind touching them.
    Loved the pics~