June 23, 2010

No Browns, Rainbows, or Brookies in Florida...

...so bluegill had to do.  Found this photo digging through vacation pics.

Used my 3-weight and tossed out some topwater poppers, foam hoppers, and small jigs to haul in some gills to get my fishing fix last week.  K.C. got in the action too with a spincast and bit o' bagel.

This guy was pretty typical of the haul.  We caught (& released) a bunch.  They were really eager "eaters."  Had a largemouth bass engulf a bluegill I had on the line and put up a good fight for about 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, he spit out the gill before I could get him out of the weeds.

Gills are fun, but hope to get back to my coldwater pursuits this weekend.


  1. You gotta take what you can get! They put up a pretty decent scrap on the fly rod, don't they?

  2. I noticed that one of your labels was Boca Raton. I grew up in the next town, Deerfield Beach. A lot of good fishing down there especially off the pier.


  3. Owl - They do, was actually really fun...but a little easy, seemed almost unfair.

    Shoreman - Inlaws moved to Boca a few years back. Enjoy Deerfield Beach; less pretentious than Boca. Have only fished the Deerfield Beach pier once, caught some small fish (due to inexperience - I didn't know what I was doing!) but I did see some guys at the end pulling out some really nice fish...after fish...after fish!

  4. Bluegill are great! They are easy, but sometimes it's good to relax out on the water catching fish without any hassle.

  5. Hey it's better than nothing. Sometimes easy is good.