June 16, 2010

Key West Day 2 & 3 in Pictures

Yesterday (Tuesday) was our first full day in Key West.  It was a full day in every sense of the word, complete with sun, sand, food, drink, music, and...well, you'll see what we K.C. talked me into doing that night.

Today on the other hand, was much more relaxing, as we're prepping for our outing to the Dry Tortugas tomorrow.

Reach Resort, Key West
Blue Skies, 100 Degrees
Snorkeling - Here fishy, fishy

Cuban Lunch at Ana's
Sloppy Joe's Dinner
Sunset Fesitval - Will Soto on tightrope
K.C tipping "Lady" Gaga at Aqua
Liquid Lunch at Hog's Breath


  1. Looks like you guys are having alot of fun, keep doing that, safe travels, and fishy thoughts!!!

  2. I was in key west for business a few years ago. Just an awesome place. One problem was I never made time for some fishing. I hope you make a little time to try your luck with rod and reel. Enjoy the trip.

  3. Looks like you hit all of the hot spots on duval street....

  4. You know people are really jealous. I hope to someday be able to afford things like this. Your blog is pretty cool, glad I found it.