June 5, 2010

It's Been Just About 3 Years...

Thanks to a fishing forum I belong to, I was recently involved in a discussion regarding fishing blogs. Some members recently started blogs of their own and wanted some feedback on their creations, as well as blogging in general.

It made me realize that I've been doing this (blogging) for almost 3 years. While that's not that long in real time, it seems like an eternity in today's ever changing digital age.

When I started, my daughter Lilly was one and a half, just months removed from conquering walking and had an extremely basic vocabulary.  My wife K.C. was teaching herself how to sew and had an idea for a diaper bag that she was tinkering around with. Today Lilly is a (very) active & opinionated 4 year old, and K.C...well, she happens to run her own business, teach sewing classes, and most importantly met breast cancer head on and kicked its butt.  Like I said, a lot changes in 3 years.

It also prodded me to look at some of my original posts from June 2007 and wince in pain, just a little bit...
The Original Header for this Blog

When I started, I think the goal of my blog - if there truly was one - was to document my fishing outings and provide a spot where I could give out-of-town family members regular Lilly updates en masse.  Looking back, it appears I've held true to that goal, however also went off on several divergent paths at the same time.

In 2007 I wrote a total of 7 posts.  In 2008 it grew to 38.  In 2009 that number swelled to 160.  So far this year I'm at just about the same pace with 80 to date.  I know, there's probably something to be said about quality vs. quantity, but I thought the numbers were interesting to share none the less.  Hopefully there is some quality mixed in there.

I also remember how excited I was when I got my first Google "Followers."  Somebody actually wants to read what I'm writing?!?  Without that early support from JB, Len, & John, I probably would have lost interest in blogging and just moved on to something else.  I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Mel, who came on a little bit later, and through his writings introduced me to many, many "Blog Budddies" (as he likes to call them) and expanded my community of online friends exponentially.  For that, I need thank all of you guys immensely.  

What does all this mean?  In the grand scheme, I don't know - probably very little.  I didn't expect to have any important revelations.  I just found it interesting to take a time out and look back for a little bit.  For anyone that's been blogging for more than a year or so, it might be an interesting journey back in time for yourself as well.


  1. Congrats! I read somewhere that most blogs that are created never make it past the two month mark. For those that make it past a year thats big....for those that make it three years, well that must put you in the outstanding achievement level.
    It takes dedication, thats for sure, and I'd say you've created a fantastic corner for yourself in the great big lake we call the Internet.
    Well done~

  2. I, for one, am glad you out here. As for Lilly updates, I think that when she stops throwing stones and gets down to fishing, she's going to be kicking your butt on a regular basis. We'd miss you if you stopped blogging.


  3. It's funny because I was actually thinking of doing a post on my blog about what I was doing here and if my blog is what I had envisioned in the beginning. I think you covered it very well. I go back and look at some of my early posts and cringe sometimes. lol Many times I've thought of just giving it up, but when you start getting readers it does give you the motivation to keep going. Here's to the next three years!

  4. You are so kind, Michael, for the nice words about my efforts to make blogging about fishing and other outdoor related stuff a workable and fun thing to do. I really appreciate your posts, comments, and participation in our BlogBuddy world.
    As far as Lilly goes, I like to say, "Every picture tells a story". She is quite the young lady.

  5. It does take some work and dedication to come up with posts now and then. More and more people will be getting their inspiration info from the internet, remember!

    I love your old "retro" banner.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Michael
    I can relate to everything you have said in your post. I have not been blogging as long as you, but I have really got into blogging to find individuals who have some of he same interest as I do. That is the main reason I started blogging in the first place. I just wanted someone to talk to about the sport I have come to love "fishing". I am in the gym 3 to 4 times a week and work out with a group of guys who don't fish or hunt. Of course we have other things we have in common but I miss talking to someone who can relate to fishing. The blog has filled that gap. Take a look at my latest post, it will bring back memories of Lilly. Enjoy your blog.

  7. Thanks for all of the comments everyone.

  8. Congrats on making it this long. I just started myself and can relate to many of your comments (especially the one about getting your first follower!) and have no idea how long this will go or were it will end up. Thanks for sharing and here is wishing you success for another 3 years.