June 29, 2010

Headed To Chicago

If you're reading this today, I'm likely either on a plane headed to the midwest or sitting in a conference room reviewing sporting goods.  I'll be in the Windy City on Tuesday (today) & Wednesday for work, and looking forward to seeing my first ball game at Wrigley Field tonight. I think the Cubs are playing the Pirates, and with both teams well under .500 it should make for some mediocre baseball.  But who cares, it's still Wrigley.

In honor of mediocre baseball, and of course fishing, I present to you the career statistics of one Steve "Rainbow" Trout.
Sweet Sunglasses...Better Hair!

12 Seasons in the Major Leagues
White Sox, Cubs, Yankees, & Mariners
88 Wins - 92 Losses - 4 Saves
4.18 ERA
32 Complete Games / 9 Shutouts
1501.1 Innings Pitched


  1. As a kid living in Kenosha, Wis, I had the pleasure of seeing a game at Wrigley Field. Something I never forgot.


  2. Hey everybody what do ya say, the Cubs are gonna win today! (and tomorrow)

    Hope you have a good time, even if the baseball is no good, chances are good you'll see a Cubbie act like a 4 year old and throw stuff around the dugout.

  3. I had a English teacher in high school that was named Mrs. Trout

  4. But where is his fishing stats? With a name like trout, he should have aspired to be the supreme fly fishing guide.

    "See those fish...they named the whole class of species after me."