June 9, 2010

Gasland on HBO June 21st

Like fishing for trout in PA?  Value clean drinking water?  Watch the documentary "Gasland" on HBO on June 21st at 9PM.  Gasland tells the story of the natural-gas drilling operations taking place across the United States (& the world) right now and the potential perils that accompany them.

With the Marcellus Shale region which incorporates large swatches of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York, now being dubbed the "Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas," this is more than topical.  Think I'm joking...there was a recent mishap just last week in Clearfield County, PA (article here).

Concidentally, what do you think American Rivers named the most endangered river of 2010?  Try the Upper Delaware River in NY & PA.  Why?  Natural gas drilling.

Why point all of this out now?  Well, all of the national news agencies have begun to do a lot of reporting this week from the Gulf of Mexico now that BP's never-ending oil slick has hit the mainland.  Horrific pictures that highlight the terrible toll on the coastlines and all of the wildlife that inhabit them are now on every evening news and cable news channel.

I'm certain you'll also start to see & hear many cries to shut down off-shore drilling and to find cleaner, alternative energy solutions.  Just today, I read T. Boone Pickens & the Pickens Plan cite natural gas drilling as one of these better, cleaner alternatives.  After reading & viewing the above, I'm not so sure that's the case...

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  1. Pshhh, clean drinking water is overrated...

    Seriously tho, looks very interesting, I work for the cable company so I'll have to mention it to customers who call up adding Sportsman or Outdoor channel. Looks like a potentially serious threat. Thanks for the heads up.