June 14, 2010

Down in the Florida Keys

Blogging has been a bit slow - no new posts from me lately, plus, haven't really been able to keep up on all of my BlogBuddies' posts.  Why?  I'm down in Florida with K.C. & Lilly enjoying some fun & sun.

At the moment, I'm writing this in my hotel room in Key West thanks to the magic of free hotel Wi-fi..  Lilly is back up in Boca Raton at "Camp Mom-Mom &  G-Daddy," and K.C....well...is in bed, passed out from a few too many strawberry margaritas at Salsa Loca tonight.

I'm certain I'll have tons of pictures and some better reports later in the week.  That said, here's a few posts of K.C. & I at a lunch stop at Keys Fisheries in Marathon on the drive down to Key West.


  1. Don't you wish you had a 9wt and a few Tarpon Toads!! Great video. You doing any fishing while you're down there?

  2. You aren't kidding. No fishing "planned" for the Keys, but you never know. It's a reward vacation for my wife (& I) after her couple years of battling breast cancer. It's more about spending time with her than fishing. Cancer free = florida keys.

    I did catch a few (bluegills) on my 3-wt. up in Boca when we dropped Lilly off though...pics to come later.

  3. I hope to get some rises like that when I go on a float trip Tuesday on the Caney Fork. Great food, family, and Key West, what else could you ask for? Enjoy!!

  4. If you get a chance, eat at Blue Heaven. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let me know what you think