June 27, 2010

Balancing Foliage & Fishing

Yesterday was not going to be a big fishing day.  I had an afternoon's worth of yard work calling to me.  I started hearing the quiet whispers when we got home from vacation, but they seemingly amplified each day since.  Every time I opened my front door, the same chorus greeted me.  "Mike - Trim us back you lazy S.O.B.," Yours Truly, The Bushes in Front of Your House.

Knowing I had a date with the garden, I took a small window in the AM to sneak out and do some tenkara fishing.  Hadn't broken out the tenkara rod in a few weeks.  In throwing my fishing gear into my car, I made sure to reassure the impatient foliage that I would in fact be back this afternoon.  They seemed okay with it.

When I arrived at the stream, the conditions couldn't have been better for being outdoors.  The skies were blue, the sun was shining, and the water was running clear - extremely clear.

To be honest, despite the great weather the morning's fishing was pretty quiet and uneventful. Nothing "epic," other than the deer that came bounding through the woods like a rocket. She buzzed by my fishing location, scaring the cr@p out of me.

I only brought a few natives to hand, with this guy {pictured} being by far the most fun.  When he hit the Copper John I was fishing, my tenkara rod bent violently compensating for his initial run.

He Lives Here
With the sun getting higher in the sky, and the temperatures approaching 90, I packed it in for the day and headed back to the car.  I had a date with some temperamental shrubbery, and I didn't want to be late.


  1. Don't you hate when deer do that! That's a beautiful brownie, good to see you made it out for a bit.

  2. Looks like a perfect day, except for the yard work part. Nice post and pictures!

  3. The browns seem a bit hungry lately!

    As far as the trimming - I did a bad thing and let mine go too long. The wife took it upon herself to cut one of the bushes down to the ground! Wish I could afford a gardener.

  4. Gettin bent is the best way to get things straight!!!

    you have your priorities in perfect order.

  5. Hey Troutrageous, nice fish!

    I scared a deer on my down the stream the other day. Didn't see it in the bushes till it fled, scared the crap out of me too.

  6. Don't you just hate those demanding bushes. I've got mine down to dirt and shredded Cedar Bark. Nice and easy.


  7. Well, a little late getting here for the post today. Hope the bushes are all in order by now for another trip out on the stream.

    Nice fish and the clear water makes it that much more challenging.

  8. Wow, lot's of comments, thanks all.

    @ Bill - Yes I do. The morning was so quiet otherwise, I think that's why I was so startled.

    @ Bill B. - Thanks for stopping by, left a little note over on your blog.

    @ Owl - I wish I could too. The only person that I think hates yardwork more than me is my wife!

    @ Big - Family, fishing, everything else. Just don't let my boss see that.

    @ Laurent - Thanks for the compliment.

    @ Shoreman - You've got the right idea. I told my wife I was going to do this garden thing one more year...mulching, weeding, it's all for the birds. I want to put in a rock garden or something low maintenance.

    @ Mel - All the 'honeydo' chores are done, next weekend should be free. Was surprised how clear it was running considering the rain we got a few nights prior.