May 20, 2010

Tonight Was A Bad Night

The worst night ever?  No probably not.  But still kinda sucky.

Work was fine today.  No issues there.  Was in a pretty good mood, even left a little early (for me) so I could enjoy the evening with my wife & daughter.  For some reason, when I got home, my mood just went south.

The house was a mess - every toy Lilly owned was scattered around our first floor.  I've got a borderline case of OCD, so certain types of messes tend to annoy me, especially if they linger.  Lilly & I cleaned up the mess quick enough, but then she decided to be extra difficult at dinner (for the second night in a row).  She didn't want to eat anything.  The joys of a 4 year old.  Individually, those things don't usually upset me, but tonight the combination just put me in a funk.

After putting Lilly to bed, I thought to myself, "there's an hour left of sunlight, let me head over to the pond and get some casts in to blow off some steam."  I hopped in the car proceeded to do so, and spent an hour casting my "western" fly rod, stripping some small streamers to no avail.  Skunked!

I decided to switch over to my tenkara rod for the last few casts.  No luck there either.  Now comes the straw that broke the camel's back, literally.  I was just about ready to pack up and go, and I thought, "one more cast"...  The line laid out beautifully, but my fly got caught up in some overgrown pond weeds.  I gave a quick tug to see if I could get it tenkara rod broke in half at the second section from the tip.  My stomach just dropped.  (Yeah, yeah, I know all you tenkaraians out there - you're supposed to to collapse the rod first and pull from the line...whatever...don't rub it in now, I don't want to hear it.)

Normally the broken rod wouldn't bother me that much either.  It happens.  Tenkara USA sells replacement parts inexpensively, and I ordered two sets of replacement tips when I got home tonight.  Why this really stings is that I was really looking forward to fishing with the rod during this Saturday's get-together.  I guess that's not happening now, and it's back to my ol' reliable spinning rod for the weekend.

At least now I have an excuse to go out tomorrow and buy a whole bunch of new spinners.  Yeah, that's it, definitely some new spinners...probably some new jigs too...and a mini crankbait or two...will probably need to pick up some new line to restring my reel too.  Maybe things aren't that bad after all...


  1. Michael, that is one "tough" evening. Sometimes bad karma is just going to happen no matter what we do. Sorry to hear about the Tenkara rod, but, then again I enjoy fishing with spinners so maybe there is some unexpected story to come of a nice fish on a spinner of some sort!

  2. OHHHHHHHH!!! bro! thats a death in the family wher I come from... whaaaa whaaaa... good luck with the new stuff. thats a small perk to breaking stuff... sure sucks for the day that it happens....

    Remember these words....

    A good angler, never breaks a rod.... Wrong!!!!
    an angler who, doesnt break a rod.... doesn't do much...

  3. Hey Mike. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Apparently this was one of those days. Another member of the "I snapped the tip off my fly rod" club. A trip to the fishing store WILL make things better. Good luck tomorrow.


  4. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed but you sound like me and you force yourself to get up and go.
    Not all days are bad so don't let it get ya.

  5. That really hurts.

    I broke my little Avid a few weeks back, and it didn't feel right fishing another rod.

  6. I'm usually the opposite. Work gets me in a funk and the fishing brings me out of it. Well most of the time anyway. At least you found some positives in a bad evening.

  7. Thanks for all of the condolences guys. To be honest, the rod breaking was actually a bit of a blessing in disguise. When I went fishing yesterday, the water I had hoped to had used it on was not well suited for an 11' rod. Good news is the replacement parts have already shipped, should get them early next week!