May 15, 2010

Should Have Never Got Out of Bed

Ever have one of those days?  Well, for me, today was one of them.

I've been fighting off some sort of sinus infection for the past few days.  I think today it was it's worst.  Woke up with a running nose, scratchy throat, all that good stuff.  Nice visual, right?  Do you think that was going to stop me from going fishing this morning while K.C. was taking Lilly to one of her pre-school classmates' birthday party - nope.  But it should have...

When I got to the stream it was pretty crowded.  Even saw a guide out there with two customers.  Man these guys were decked out with all the latest gear.  I never saw so much stuff.  I was fishing behind folks all day, which isn't a great recipe for success.  But undeterred I pushed on, tenkara rod in hand.

I'm not sure which was worse, the sneezing, the runny nose, or the achy joints, but I was basically a zombie out there today, lacking the focus to even follow the drift of my fly.  Oh, and when a trout decided to cooperate and would violently snap me from my daze, my delayed reaction time resulted in 0% chance for a hookset.  I probably failed to hook at least 6.

I ended up only catching 2 trout - which I consider a miracle.  This one was the biggest, approximately 10".

I'll be going to bed early tonight. 


  1. Been there before. At least you got one to the net.

  2. Mama said there'd be days like that. Sound like a good song. Get well my friend. Nothing worse than a snoot full.


  3. Get better soon my friend! Those fish will wait for you to heal up and deliver the perfect drift to them another day.

  4. well done on putting some to the net... my head hangs low hearing bout the missed sets.. set the dirrection of downstream, and mean it!! if you do that, the only other variable is timing.. Take it away or let em eat it... Keep up the good work!!

  5. You might have been wise to stay in bed But when you have time you have to fish. Get well and good post.

  6. Thanks for the support guys. Saturday was pretty brutal, but it must have been one of those 48 hour bugs. Sunday was much better so I let the fish rest and took my daughter to the zoo.

  7. That's dedication to the sport for sure. Way to go. I never let fishing behind folks bother me as they will be kicking up the bottom which can cause the fish to start feeding more on all that new food in the drift. Hope you're feeling better.