May 23, 2010 Get-Together

Yesterday was finally the day for the long awaited "unofficial" get-together.  That's what we've been calling it since early this year anyway - "unofficial" simply because it was just to be some folks getting together to go fishing, no set agenda, activities, etc...

Member "Spurky" was our "unofficial" host, and a handful of us all met up at the Lickdale Campground in Jonestown, PA early on Saturday morning.
L to R:  tmiriverrat, Swattie87, kevin07, me
Photo Credit: DRY
Spurky61 & Bubba
Photo Credit: DRY

There was to be two parallel outings to take place - some of the group was going to float & fish a section of the Swatara Creek, while another group was going to wade some tributaries for trout.  I was in the latter group, and while the other guys were off with their canoe & kayak, member "Swattie" took me up to Trout Run, in search of some brookies.

I have to admit, fishing Trout Run was very different from any trout fishing I was used to.  In many stretches it was very confined & overgrown, and only required a short 2 or 3 foot cast into what I'd call a "micro pool" formed by a downed log, rock, or root ball.  Swattie fishes this water quite a bit with Spurky, so he was my guide for the day.
A sippy cup found in its natural environment

We all got into some fish on Trout Run (Spurky & Bubba caught up with us later), my highlight being a nice 7 or 8 inch brookie.  In addition to the trout, we also caught our fair share of fallfish & chub on our wade downstream.
Swattie with fallfish

Spurky with trout

After a quick trip back to the campground for some lunch (& to see if the floaters had returned yet - they hadn't), Swattie and I headed out to Indiantown to target some feisty little sunfish.  We fished this stretch for about 2 and a half hours, and although Swattie said the action was a lot slower than normal, between the two of us, we did land quite a few fish.  The most memorable for me being a pig of a red breasted sunfish, as well as a larger sized fallfish.



After that, it was time to pack it in.  Everyone convened back at the campground to show off some pictures and tell fish tales from their respective adventures before going our separate ways.  The guys on the float did well too - getting into bass, fallfish, even a native brook trout!  Spurky was an excellent "unofficial" host, and Swattie did a great job as guide.  It was one of those experiences where it truly was nice to finally put some faces to names of some really good fishermen.


  1. Looks like fun, thanks for taking us all along on your outing. Fishing in close quarters is really challenging in my book.

  2. T1 did forget to mention he was the only one wearing waders! guess old age does that to you!

  3. Ha Ha Spurky...I mean Anonymous. I was also the only one with an hour and a half commute home. No shame here, wet wading was not on the menu for this guy.

  4. did you forget thier was a camper for someone to dry off and change in? lol its all good,but the rain did get cha damp at least

  5. Let me add one more thing,T1 did an excellenmt job on a tuff stream in unstable weather(weatherman lied! suprise suprise). Action was off,but with the weather doing yo yo tricks with temps,the outing was a good one,just gotta teach someone how to hook a brookie,and not tree fish. Don't worry T1 you'll get your chance I definitely wanna do the perk,and valley again. Oh by the way the hotter it is the better i do on trout

  6. I gotta say, out of all the pictures posted, the red breasted sunfish was the best. Beautiful coloration and nice size. Anyway, Great Post!