May 2, 2010

Looking Through the Blackberry

Earlier this past Saturday afternoon, I had taken Lilly by the SCA trout nursery to drop some things off.  It was the first time Lilly was there and all she wanted me to do was catch a fish with my hands from the runway like I was a bear or something.  Kids are funny.

I was flipping through my Blackberry this morning and forgot that I had one of the guys take a pic of Lilly & I in front of the giant wooden trout carving out front.  Just thought I'd share.
Man...she's gettin' big (& heavy)

Trout carving is by local artist Mike Wood; he was featured in a recent article found here:


  1. Place to feed the fish? They are most appreciative. Jump around like crazy. We feed them at the local hatchery. Fun for the small ones.


  2. I always wanted a carving like that. not sure if wife would want it around though.... I'll settle for her letting me keep my deer head in the house. Kids call it Babi:-)

  3. @Shoreman - The nursery is where my trout club raises the fish for the local creeks. She wasn't feeding them (this time) just looking at them in their pens.

    @AYearOnTheFly - Mike's carvings are amazing, the picture doesn't do it justice. Funny about the deer mount, I think my wife would allow a 9 foot trout before one of those!

    @Brk Trt - Thanks for the comment, and for stopping by my blog. Really enjoying reading yours as it evolves as well.

  4. Troutrageous
    Does Mike have a website of his carving?

  5. Bill - I'll ask him the next time I see him, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't.