May 19, 2010

Blogroll Updates

Realized I hadn't done a "Blogroll" post in quite a while. Bad on me. I've added quite a few blogs to my Blogroll in the past few weeks, so here's a few you might consider checking out (if you haven't already):

A Year On the Fly - A daily visual treat. Joel paints a new fly in watercolors everyday and posts it to his blog; he also accepts reader suggestions for inspiration.

Casting Around - Anthony's well-written blog is about fly fishing & fly tying topics (including tenkara), but you also find some interesting original art done on his iPod Touch (Trust me, you have to see it).  Anthony also is one of the editors for the upcoming online fly fishing magazine, Rise Forms, so if you like his blog, you may want to check out that website too.

Passinthru Outdoors - A relatively new blog, the author was inspired to start it after reading his son's college paper on "Nature Deficit Disorder."  You'll find quite a few really good detailed posts on fishing & hunting that are extremely entertaining to read.

Intro to Bass Fishing - This blog follows Mark's journey into becoming a more accomplished bass angler.  I particularly enjoy how he's not embarrassed to make it known he doesn't already know everything.  There's actually a bit of an interactive vibe to his posts, where he poses questions to his readers for tips & feedback.  If you like commenting on posts, check this one out.

Tenkara Adventurer - This is a brand new blog just started this month chronicling Laurent's journeys with his tenkara rod through some beautiful New England landscapes.  Since I'm a tenkara junkie, you'll likely find me here often.

Brooks, Browns, & Bows - Just stumbled upon this one today.  It's written by 3 contributors (I enjoy reading blogs with multiple voices) that are fly fishing guides as well.  Don't be scared off by that, it's not an "in your face" commercial site, just some guys sharing the sport they love.  And they get into some nice fish too...


  1. Thanks for the shoutout broseph, I appreciate it.

  2. Glad you enjoy our blog. We really also appreciate the shout-out. Keep up the awesome work with yours as well.

  3. I just did an update of my blog roll as well and added yours.

  4. Good idea, it never hurts to do a little PR for our blogging buddies.

  5. No problem for the post. You guys all write great blogs, it's a pleasure to share.

    A few folks did the same for me a while back, I just like to pay it forward from time to time.