Beyonce in Hip Waders...Jay-Z with a 5-wt?

Just read an article that rumors are swirling that Jay-Z and Beyonce are buying a house in Eastern PA with several amenities - one of which is being set along a trout stream. I wonder what bugs Jigga will be slingin'...seems he's already got the tweed look going.

Taken from Associated Press Article:

"Beyonce and Jay-Z could do a lot worse than the unique wood-and-stone hillside contemporary at the heart of the matter. Listed at $11.9 million, it's got 16,000 square feet of living space and stunning views of Hawk Mountain, a popular birdwatching spot. The property comes with a vintage eight-bedroom Sears house, a one-bedroom guest house, a restored bank barn and frontage on the trout-stocked Little Schuylkill River."

Oh, and just one more pic of Beyonce, just because...


  1. Looks like the Little Schuylkill River is going to start getting more fishing pressure. :)

  2. I don't know about the waders. The bikini looks just fine to me.


  3. Jigga what? Jigga who? Jigga nymph!

  4. ooo...I ♥ celeb gossip blogs. ^followed

  5. Jay-Z will be out in the stream with a solid gold lanyard, a $9,000 fly rod, and designer waders...

    He'll get lured into fly fishing fast with such a good trout stream only steps away...Trust me!! ;)

  6. I figured this post would get some reaction. Thanks for playing along all.

  7. I just got my orvis Christmas catalog and they have a $500 jacket that's perfect for him.

    It's so nice, it even inspired a poem. Oh snap. (are the kids still sayin' that? )

  8. Maybe I can get in at the guest house. You think I can trade flies for room and board?

  9. Will guide for room and board.


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