April 29, 2010

Stony Creek Anglers 2010 Trout Tournament

Last weekend was the 13th annual trout tournament on the Stony Creek, hosted by the Stony Creek Anglers.  As a member of the club, I didn't do any fishing, but instead helped with setup & stocking, as well as worked in the merchandise booth on both Saturday & Sunday.
A view from below the step dam

Saturday was an awesome day, the weather was beautiful & sunny, and the turnout was great.  Sunday...well, not so much.  It was rainy & chilly for most of the morning, and only the die-hard of anglers showed up.  Those that did show up either day were treated to some well stocked water - as almost 2500 trout were stocked in total, several over 20" in length.  The largest fish of the weekend was 26.5" and almost 9 pounds!
The kiddie pool was a hub of activity all weekend

Despite Sunday's rain, all was well that ended well, and the we raised a nice sum of money to help support the club's trout nursery, streambank improvement projects, and initiatives within the community.
Several physically challenged groups from the area also participated in the fishing fun

Last but not least, here's a short video I took of some of Saturday's action.

Note: All of the photos & video above were taken with my new Kodak Playsport video camera.  I'll probably do a full write up on the camera later, but for only $150, I think it's a pretty nice little HD camera...and yes, it's waterproof too!


  1. I'm due for a camera... looking forward to the write up

  2. Great video, there were some cute kids out there. I liked how the little girl was reeling in a fish from the kids pool. Her face buried in her dad's side the whole time.

  3. Looks like everybody had fun. I especially liked the little guy at the beginning. He stops reeling in his fish to straighten his jacket. We must look good while fishing. Aren't kids great?


  4. @Bigerrfish - I want to take it out a few more times, then I'll give everyone the scoop. Very promising so far though.

    @Clif & Shoreman - The kids really made the weekend. It was definitely enjoyable to see all of the kids' reactions to catching their fish.