April 7, 2010

Quick Sunday Outing @ The Skippack

Last Sunday (April 4th) was kind of a busy day.  I'm actually still tired from it, hence the delayed blog post.  First, it was obviously Easter Sunday.  I'm not a religious person, so admittedly Easter really isn't as big a day for me as it might be for others (go ahead and call me a heathen), but it didn't stop Lilly from participating in 2 Easter egg hunts.  The first was in our living room around 7AM, the second in our backyard with our next door neighbors around 1PM.
A different kind of hunt - no camo necessary

Following the hunts, oh about 4:30 PMish, we went "Lebowski" and hit the Limerick Bowl for some full-on family bowling.  It's sort of becoming an Easter tradition, plus the alley has a pretty good deal for the afternoon; 75 cent games & snacks.  Some folks eat an Easter Ham, my family goes with hot dogs & soft pretzels.  The day wrapped up around 7 PM with a bit of birthday cake back at the house for K.C., as her birthday was the next day (Monday).
F**k it Dude, let's go bowling

Well, amid all of that action, I did find a little window of time (9AM to 11AM) between the first and second Easter egg hunts to sneak out and get some fishing in on the Skippack Creek.  I don't really care for the Skippack much, but it's close to my house so I thought I'd give it a try.
There's about 8 more guys behind the tree on the right

In addition to the trout fishermen, the frogs (or toads, whatever) were also out in force.  Lots of chirping and jumping into the water with a "splash" with every step along the bank of the creek.  I'm sure Wandering Owl could tell me what these are.  

Cutting to the chase, when I finally did settle in to do some fishing, I brought in 3 trout - lucky survivors of the previous day's "opening day" carnage - as well as this little guy.  I think it's a creek chub...but what do I know?
"There's a sucker born every minute" - P.T. Barnum


  1. That's a common shiner. Caught one at the east branch perk on a prince nymph the other day.

  2. For some of us that aren't religious, Easter is for the kids. I'm sure Lilly had a good time.
    OH, one other thing, can you post those kind of frog pictures on Blogger? LOL


  3. Thank you for the link! I would have to say those are Humping Toads...

    Or, more likely, American toads.

    I'm calling the fish a shiner, too.

    Nice and green over that way!!

  4. Being a dedicated student of the Taxonomic branch of Ichthyology, I will make a positive identification of the fish in question:


  5. Those shinners can take over a small stream or even a small lake. Of course they are bait for the rest of the resident species. Anytime you can get on the water and catch anythng is a plus. Enjoy your those daughter/dad momments because she will be grown before you know it. Been there.

  6. Lilly's growing up quickly. Her new thing is telling me, "Daddy...calm down...take a breath." She especially does it when we're stuck in traffic and I get a little impatient. It's funny what kids pick up.

    @ Mike - Thanks for commenting and welcome to the site.

    @ Mark & Owl - Yes, quite the scandalous frog photo, right? Guess that's why they didn't scamper off like the others. :)

    @ Wolfy & Bill - If I was a bait fisherman, it would have been a keeper!