April 27, 2010

Help Save Hoy Park Wetlands

I've been tied up in a lot of things lately (blog posts to come), so I haven't posted in about a week.  This came in my email last night, and I thought it was definitely worth posting here.  Hoy Park is a great little park along the Perkiomen Creek in Lower Providence Township.  I've fished there several times (previous post HERE), and tons of people use it for bird watching and as a canoe/kayak launch point.

There's a proposal on the board right now involving a sewer project that would change the face of Hoy Park & its surroundings forever.  Please read below, and if you're so inclined sign the online petition.

Signing this petition will show your support of our efforts to stop the middle interceptor sewer project from destroying our wetlands and the Perkiomen Creek in Lower Providence PA.

The latest plan (there have been several previous proposals) has the interceptor running across the Perkiomen Creek 4 X within a mile and a half. Origionally the pipeline was to stay on the Upper Providence side of the creek running through areas previously disturbed. In Arcola, the pipeline will destroy the only wetlands along the valley since the other side is very steep. This sewer line is 48 inches in diameter & requires a 70ft wide cleared area and a ditch 20 ft deep and 40 ft wide!!! Try to imagine the damage to the creek that will create with 4 crossings. The current survey map plan does not include a lot of the wetlands (not sure how they missed it) where standing water is found year round - the pipe will be laid directly under this area. The steepness of the bank on the Upper Providence side forces all flood water onto the wetlands on the Lower Providence side - this will cover the pipeline 3-4 times per year. At times the flooding will be as much as 5-10 ft high above the grounds surface level along the pipeline. The current plan only cement encases the portions under the creek bed. The entire length in Lower Providence will be under constant water pressure due to it's close proximity to the creek, the bedrock shale which is found just under the soil (6"-2ft max), and its location under wetlands.

The infiltration & intrusion (I/I) is already the primary problem facing the Oaks Treatment Facility (see LP Newsletter under Sewer Authority). There is an EPA document describing an alternative that seems to make a lot of sense in this project - the use of a forced main. Several of the original alternatives did not require crossing the Perkiomen creek but instead used a pumping station. The current line ends very close to an old railroad bed which has been converted to a local bike path. This would be a perfect spot to put a much smaller forced sewer main. The railroad bed is relatively flat, its elevated (dramatically reduced water intrusion problems, more easily installed -smaller pipe, smaller shallower ditch - more easily monitored for leaks (current sewer line is inspected using this same bike path), and when it needs to be replaced/repaired it is much more accessible. The proposed location of the pumping station is still open & part of an industrial site.

In addition, the current plan path will require a lot of blasting in an area paralleled by numerous houses dependant on wells for their water. Such blasting may adversely affect theses wells. If there are sewer leaks in the future, these wells will be in peril and there is currently no water main supply to this area. The forced sewer main seems a logical choice considering the damage to the creeks ecosystem, the wetlands, and difficulties in future repairs of the currently planned system.

This is a beautiful area frequented by Bald Eagles, RedBelly Turtles (PA Threatened List), Mink, Herons, Egrets, Red-Tail Hawks (Nesting), Spring Peepers, Leopard Frogs , Bull Frogs, Box Turtles, Muskrats, Puddle Ducks, and many other wetland creatures. Please give us your vote to help our cause.

PLEASE ATTEND A RALLY ON MAY 7th at HOY PARK to show your support - our local reps, DEP, etc will be there.

The Indianhead Watershed Association Lower Providence Concerned Citizens Association

To Sign the Petition, click on link below:

For more information on the Indianhead Dam Watershed, please visit:


  1. I just got back from signing the petition, I hope it helps.

    Whitetail Woods

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  2. Thanks for the help Rick, much appreciated!

    1. Thank you Michael for posting this.!. I just found it for the first time! It is now 2015 and we are still fighting this sewer destruction! I believe the 'adversary; is trying the tactic -:drag it out- wear them out-- and we are all starting to feel the pain- so we can use all the help we can get-- if you still would like to be involved please contact me! Thanks again for helping to save our beautiful Park and land!