April 20, 2010

Fishing With Lilly

As an extremely alert & aware 4 year old, Lilly has started to notice that I sneak out on the weekends to go fishing.  Of course (to my delight) she expressed this weekend that she wants to go too.  She had only fished once before at Mom-Mom & G-Daddy's house in Florida, so tonight I took her, not sure what to expect.  The destination was Sanatoga Park (about a 5 minute drive from our house) where they have a small pond for fishing.

I had never been there, so I assumed we'd be looking at fishing for sunnies.  I asked Lilly if she wanted to me to get some worms - and she said, "No Daddy, we catch fish with bread," clearly taking a cue from her mom's Boca Raton fishing exploits...
K.C. circa 2007 with fish caught with "bit o' bagel"

Let me say this, I think for a 4 year old Lilly is pretty good at casting.  She was slinging that pink "glow in the dark" Barbie rod around like KVD.  I was really impressed.
What a big smile!

Unfortunately, we didn't catch any fish in the hour we were there (6:30 PM - 7:30PM).  The sunnies were active, eating chunks of bread Lilly chummed the water with, but they seemed more interested in the bright orange bobber than the bread on Lilly's hook.  I'll also take some of the blame...I really didn't have the right size hooks, they were a bit large for the size of the little fish we were feeding.
Watching the bobber intensely

I was fearful that not catching any fish would ruin Lilly's attitude for fishing again in the future, but luckily we found some other diversions to keep her entertained in between casts.  Feeding some bread to a family of geese, skipping stones, nature photography, and climbing & jumping across rocks to name a few.
Family of Geese - Lilly took this picture all by herself

The best news, Lilly has already told me she wants to go again - and next time she wants to use my rod!


  1. AAH, child rearing at it's finest. Glad you two had a good time.


  2. Michael, just to give you a heads up. If Lilly gets hooked on fishing, it won't be long before she will be out fishing her dad. Little girls tend to do that sort of thing!

  3. Way to go Mike did same thing with Sam when she was smaller,also used to hook fish quietly,and ask her to reel in my line for me,and walla a fish

  4. nice job dad, you two had fun even if the fish weren't biting.

    About 15 years ago my grandma and dad took me and my cousin fishing, we didnt catch any fish but my cousin caught a seagull LOL :D

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. Mel, I have no doubt she'll be outfishing me soon (wouldn't take much!)