April 10, 2010

Darby & Valley Creeks

Today was a day of contrasts. Stocked vs. Wild trout. Spinning Gear vs. Tenkara Fly Fishing Gear. Wind Chill vs. The Gooey Warmth of Sausage, Egg, & Cheese.

I started my morning by deciding I was going to head down to Delco and hit Darby Creek. This is the same creek I fished for last weekend's opening day, and figured I should probably get back before all of the stockies got snatched up.

Armed with my spinning rod and gold spinner, I stood on the bank staring into a large pool for a few minutes but didn't notice many trout. None swimming, none rising, only a handful holding in the current. Looks like Darby (at least the section I was at) got hit pretty hard this past week.

As I waded a bit upstream, it was pretty clear that was the case as I saw at least 3 or 4 "floaters" (aka stockies that didn't make it) strewn among the rocks and branches along the bank. After maybe an hour and a half of wading & casting, wading & casting, I only ended up with one trout.
This is the dummy who didn't get the memo

Did I mention it was freakin' cold this morning? Was probably spoiled by all of the 80 degree weather this week, but between the sun hiding behind the clouds and a constant wind, I was pretty cold. That said, I muttered "screw this" to myself and headed back to the car speeding off toward the Golden Arches to regain some warmth via a Sausage, Egg, & Cheese McMuffin.
Breakfast of the Gods

Now warmed up, I decided it was too early to throw in the towel so on the way home I pulled off at Valley Forge and hit Valley Creek.

At Valley, I also switched tactics from my spinning rod to my tenkara rod and things turned around quickly. I only fished for another hour and a half (maybe two), but brought in 4 feisty wild browns. I fished upstream between the covered bridge and the wooden step bridge pictured above. The bug of the day was a size #18 prince nymph drifted beneath an indicator dry.
Thank you & your buddies for making my morning

Unfortunately, all of the driving (& stop at Mickey D's) took time away from fishing, so I wasn't able to fish either creek as long as I had hoped. Between the two I did catch my 5 trout limit (all were released), so I suppose all's well that ends well.


  1. All fishing is good fishing. Nice colors on the Valley Creek brown.


  2. When I was at the fly shop last Sunday (Easter) I asked them about Tenkara. They had no idea. How about that? Every time I think of stopping at Mickey D's I can hear my Cardiologist screaming in the back of my mind. Kind of puts a damper on my eating there.


  3. Yes, sometimes fishing after the crowds is a real downer. Nice that there are wild trout streams in the state to make up for it though.

  4. At least you did get out and try, that is half the fun of it and something I am looking forward to.

  5. Lovely looking streams there, Michael. Glad you found some cooperative trout. More happy hook ups to come, my friend.

  6. Those are beautiful fish and nothing like some Mickey D's to get your heart pumping, or should I say stopping? Great report!

  7. @ Wolfy, Bill, Rick (K.) - Thanks, one of those days I thought was going to be a bust, but ended up great.

    @ Shoreman - Those fly shop guys are smart, but just think...it's our little secret.

    @ Mel - Glad to see you back and blogging again!

    @ Rick (Fool) - Thanks for stopping by, was over at your blog, looks like you've been doing some damage out West. Can't wait to see some of those videos you shot.

  8. Beautiful streams and nice trout. What depth was you fishing your prince? I love to use those little jobs as droppers. Great Post

  9. Thanks Bill. Water depth at highest was mid thigh, but most was right below the knee (if you were wading). You're right, those bead heads are great as droppers.