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Stony Creek Anglers 2010 Trout Tournament

Last weekend was the 13th annual trout tournament on the Stony Creek, hosted by the Stony Creek Anglers.  As a member of the club, I didn't do any fishing, but instead helped with setup & stocking, as well as worked in the merchandise booth on both Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday was an awesome day, the weather was beautiful & sunny, and the turnout was great.  Sunday...well, not so much.  It was rainy & chilly for most of the morning, and only the die-hard of anglers showed up.  Those that did show up either day were treated to some well stocked water - as almost 2500 trout were stocked in total, several over 20" in length.  The largest fish of the weekend was 26.5" and almost 9 pounds!

Despite Sunday's rain, all was well that ended well, and the we raised a nice sum of money to help support the club's trout nursery, streambank improvement projects, and initiatives within the community.

Last but not least, here's a short video I took of some of S…

Help Save Hoy Park Wetlands

I've been tied up in a lot of things lately (blog posts to come), so I haven't posted in about a week.  This came in my email last night, and I thought it was definitely worth posting here.  Hoy Park is a great little park along the Perkiomen Creek in Lower Providence Township.  I've fished there several times (previous post HERE), and tons of people use it for bird watching and as a canoe/kayak launch point.

There's a proposal on the board right now involving a sewer project that would change the face of Hoy Park & its surroundings forever.  Please read below, and if you're so inclined sign the online petition.

Signing this petition will show your support of our efforts to stop the middle interceptor sewer project from destroying our wetlands and the Perkiomen Creek in Lower Providence PA.

The latest plan (there have been several previous proposals) has the interceptor running across the Perkiomen Creek 4 X within a mile and a half. Origionally the pipeline wa…

Free VMC Hooks

Here's a nice mail in gift with purchase offer that showed up in my email last night.

Buy $10 worth of VMC hooks or terminal tackle, and you can get a Limited Edition VMC 100th Anniversary hook kit for either freshwater or saltwater for free ($15 value).

Offer is good until September 15, 2010.

Download the rebate PDF form HERE.

Check out the VMC online catalog HERE.

Fishing With Lilly

As an extremely alert & aware 4 year old, Lilly has started to notice that I sneak out on the weekends to go fishing.  Of course (to my delight) she expressed this weekend that she wants to go too.  She had only fished once before at Mom-Mom & G-Daddy's house in Florida, so tonight I took her, not sure what to expect.  The destination was Sanatoga Park (about a 5 minute drive from our house) where they have a small pond for fishing.

I had never been there, so I assumed we'd be looking at fishing for sunnies.  I asked Lilly if she wanted to me to get some worms - and she said, "No Daddy, we catch fish with bread," clearly taking a cue from her mom's Boca Raton fishing exploits...

Let me say this, I think for a 4 year old Lilly is pretty good at casting.  She was slinging that pink "glow in the dark" Barbie rod around like KVD.  I was really impressed.

Unfortunately, we didn't catch any fish in the hour we were there (6:30 PM - 7:30PM).  The s…

DIY Hat Cam & Wild Brownies

Last fall I wrote a post about video, specifically about a hat cam, (old post HERE).  While I never got around to purchasing one of those tripod hats, the idea kinda got stuck in the recesses of my head and never shook loose.

Earlier this week I was going through my closet and found a bunch of hats I'd probably never wear - just not my style - and hat cam again reared it's ugly head (no pun intended).  After looking in the basement for just the right size nut and bolt, a few quick turns of the electric drill later, and I'm now the proud owner of a MacGuyver-ed camera hat.

Now to get it on the water.

Got a little bit of a late start this AM, didn't hit Valley Creek until 9:30 AM.  Armed (or is it headed?) with the camera hat, I waded to the first hole and tossed out some some flies tenkara-style.  I had no problem whatsoever catching fish today, pulled about 2 or 3 out of every hole or stretch I fished, was just having technical difficulties with the camera.

First the a…

The Red Don

I get a email newsletter from Front Range Anglers out in Colorado.  I bought a reel from them once, and their newsletter is a highlight of each month.  This month featured a really nice looking fly that I think would look great on the end of my tenkara line.

Here's the pic and writeup, taken straight from the April newsletter:

A month ago Patrick Knackendoffel who works for FRA showed me a fly he's been working on which he calls the Red Don.  If you like attractors as I do, this is a winner.  He has an olive and PMD version
Red Don Nymph - Olive Bead: Tungsten Montana Fly Lucent bead. 2.4mm, Christmas RedHook: Gamakatsu C12-B #14Thread: Danville's 6/0 TanTail: Olive Dyed Pheasant Tail tipsAbdomen:1/8" Tan Hareline scudback wrapped around Olive Hareline Midge Diamond BraidThorax: Hareline Ice Dub, Golden BrownHackle: Partridge or alternativeWingcase/Air Bubble: 1/8" Tan Hareline scudback under Clear UV Knot sense Red Don Nymph - PMD Abdomen: 1/8" Tan Hareline scud…

2010 National Park Week

Got an email today notifying me that this upcoming weekend kicks off National Park week.  The cool thing about it is that from April 17 to 25, the admission fees have been waived from all 392 national parks across the country.  That certainly gives everyone a great reason to experience these wonderful natural resources.

For more information, visit:

Darby & Valley Creeks

Today was a day of contrasts. Stocked vs. Wild trout. Spinning Gear vs. Tenkara Fly Fishing Gear. Wind Chill vs. The Gooey Warmth of Sausage, Egg, & Cheese.

I started my morning by deciding I was going to head down to Delco and hit Darby Creek. This is the same creek I fished for last weekend's opening day, and figured I should probably get back before all of the stockies got snatched up.

Armed with my spinning rod and gold spinner, I stood on the bank staring into a large pool for a few minutes but didn't notice many trout. None swimming, none rising, only a handful holding in the current. Looks like Darby (at least the section I was at) got hit pretty hard this past week.

As I waded a bit upstream, it was pretty clear that was the case as I saw at least 3 or 4 "floaters" (aka stockies that didn't make it) strewn among the rocks and branches along the bank. After maybe an hour and a half of wading & casting, wading & casting, I only ended up…

Linvilla Orchards Family Fun Fishing Derby

Looking for something to do this weekend?
The Linvilla Orchards Family Fun Fishing Derby is this Saturday, April 10th.

Catch the first Golden trout in your age group and win a prize!
For more info:

Quick Sunday Outing @ The Skippack

Last Sunday (April 4th) was kind of a busy day.  I'm actually still tired from it, hence the delayed blog post.  First, it was obviously Easter Sunday.  I'm not a religious person, so admittedly Easter really isn't as big a day for me as it might be for others (go ahead and call me a heathen), but it didn't stop Lilly from participating in 2 Easter egg hunts.  The first was in our living room around 7AM, the second in our backyard with our next door neighbors around 1PM.

Following the hunts, oh about 4:30 PMish, we went "Lebowski" and hit the Limerick Bowl for some full-on family bowling.  It's sort of becoming an Easter tradition, plus the alley has a pretty good deal for the afternoon; 75 cent games & snacks.  Some folks eat an Easter Ham, my family goes with hot dogs & soft pretzels.  The day wrapped up around 7 PM with a bit of birthday cake back at the house for K.C., as her birthday was the next day (Monday).
Well, amid all of that action, I…

2010 Trout Opener - Darby Creek

Oh, how I love the opening day of trout season.  Hanging out with good friends, ridiculously easy to catch stockies, and the crowds and hi-jinks of the other "anglers," the combination of the 3 always make for a great time.

I was meeting up with three of my oldest friends, Wright, Len, & Mostel.  Of the three, Mostel is the biggest outdoorsman; he puts John Muir to shame.  Well, maybe not exactly that outdoorsy, but you get the point.  Got the text message from Mostel that he was at our hole at Darby Creek reserving a spot on the bank at 5:30 AM.  Atta Boy!  I rolled in a little after 6 AM, and Wright & Len arrived a little after 7 AM.

Around 7:45 AM (you can start fishing at 8 AM) the latecomer clowns that always crowd your group and cross your lines came rumbling through the woods and decided to wade right across one of the pools.  Nice job idiots.

There should be some sort of outdoors etiquette test you take before being issued a fishing license.  We wanted to win…