March 28, 2010

A Successful 2010 Stony Creek Clean Up

Yesterday, I was among a group of volunteers who took to the Stony Creek in Norristown as part of a mass clean-up effort in anticipation of next Saturday's opening day of trout season.

Despite the cold morning temperatures, there was a really nice turnout.  Several community groups including Boy Scout troops and a group of students from Temple University also came in to lend a hand.  Thankfully, the creek and it's surroundings was much cleaner than in year's past; we (only) re-claimed a dumpster's worth of trash from the creek.  Most of what I found on my stretch of the creek were empty beer cans, snack wrappers, and bait containers, but a group did come across an entire backseat bench from what appeared to be a mini-van.

Following the clean up, the Stony Creek Anglers brought some helpful folks back to the trout nursery to assist with the stocking of the Stony & Kepner Creeks.  The Stony should be well stocked for opening day weekend.

Senator John Rafferty also stopped by the nursery during the stocking efforts to visit and take a spin in the club's new John Deere Gator, which was obtained through a grant he helped the club obtain.

Photos courtesy of Ray Duff:


  1. Sounds like a good day for sure. It is a shame there are people around that do not care for their surroundings but it is nice to see so me.any that do car

  2. There are sure a lot of people out there that are pigs. If it wasn't for the groups like yours and fishermen in general, although if you're finding bait containers, not all fishermen, it would be a lot worse. I commend the Stony Creek Anglers and the job they did yesterday.


  3. A great effort by your group! One of my pet peeves is people who throw their garbage out in the woods and streams.

  4. Thanks for following my blog, I am doing the same and will add you to th blog roll soon!! good fishing to you!

  5. @Rick, Mark, & Bill - Thanks for the kind words. It is a shame that we even have to go out and pick up trash, but this particular creek runs through a VERY urban area, so unfortunately it's to be expected.

    @Bigerrfish - Enjoyed the time I spent on your blog. I'm learning how to tie flies, your instructions (& photos) are excellent. I'll add you to my blogroll as well.

  6. You guys always do a good job of cleaning up after the slobs. Isn't it amazing what you find when you do.