March 3, 2010

"Next Blog"...I'm liking it!

Last November I wrote a post about how Blogger noted that they increased the "intelligence" behind their "Next Blog" functionality (a little link in the upper left hand side of the header of each Blogger blog) to direct you to other blogs that share a similar content theme.  It was kind of a facetious post, because after a few clicks, I was no longer looking at fishing websites, but had diverged into Scrapbooking & Norwegian photography sites.

Well, I will have to say that a few months later, I'm taking back any snarkiness (real or perceived) in that post.  After doing a study of the Google Analytics associated with my blog, I've noticed that a SIGNIFICANT portion of the traffic to my blog is coming as a "Next Blog" referral from someone else's site.  North of 40% worth.

Additionally, a nice side effect (I'm assuming), is that I've also almost tripled my "Followers" in about the same time.  Coincidence?  Perhaps...but then again maybe not.

Now, I don't make money off my blog so attracting a huge number of visitors is not really the goal.  (That being said, you can certainly buy some Troutrageous junk here should you be so inclined)  However, since I do use my blog to network & meet people with similar interests, I can't help but applaud Blogger and give credit where it is due; I think the improvement in the "Next Blog" functionality is great!


  1. I don't make money off my blog either. What my goal is is to have a blog that a lot of people find either helpful because of content or a favorite to read everyday because of content.

  2. Hi Mike, that's how I found your blog. I got all sorts of sites on next blog and it took about a dozen tries before fishing showed up. So I guess it works. Looks like you been busy running around. Butch

  3. I'm starting to lean more towards Blogger again. There is much more of a community feel, and they have added some things that I really like - the added pages and stuff. Getting closer to coming back.

  4. @ Rick - Your goal has certainly been achieved. I'm not a hunter, but I still enjoy stopping by quite a bit to see what you're up to.

    @ Butch - Glad you found my blog. Your photography blog is great, and have noticed quite a few of my Blog Buddies have found it as well.

    @ Owl - Come back to the darkside... Just kidding, I like your WP layout, but I hear where you are coming from.