March 7, 2010

Lilly's 4th Birthday Party

We had Lilly's 4th birthday party at the house over the weekend.  It was basically a princess party (there was one prince in attendance), so there was a lot of dressing up and pink stuff.  Here's a picture of Lilly's cake, prior to being eaten:

Outside of cake & presents, the main event of the party was that everyone got to build-a-animal of their choice.  K.C. found these kits on Amazon, the kids got to stuff the animal, decorate little t-shirts for them to wear, and name them with birth certificates.  The kids had a ton of fun - especially making a mess with the t-shirt paints.

Then it was time for presents...

and cake...

...and a drink for Dad (ok, it was only a Diet Coke)

In all, I'm pretty sure the birthday girl had a good time.  (Or maybe it was just all that sugar!)  Actually, it was probably both.


  1. Tell Lilly Happy 4th Birthday from all the way out in Idaho. She is a beautiful young girl. Glad to see you enjoying the special moments with her.

  2. Hi
    Been out of town since Friday evening on a crappie fishing trip in Mississippi. I have just had time to check my blog this evening. Enjoy your daughter because in a blink she will be grown. There is just something about little girls, especailly if she is your own. Our daughter is grown now but in my eyes she is still my little girl. Thanks for becoming one of my followers. I am following your blog with snippets of your post on my front page. Great info.