March 18, 2010

The Closing Time Nymph

Great minds must think alike.  My blog buddy "Shoreman" over at Northern California Trout just blogged that he's taking the leap into fly tying.  Well, after timidly peeking over the ledge for a while, I too made the jump tonight.

Last Friday I ordered a fly tying kit from  Yes, before I get lectured on how junky "beginners" fly tying kits are - I already know and am fully prepared to dump a ton more $$$ upgrading my vise, tools, etc in the future.  When I got home from work tonight I was pleased to see a nice USPS box waiting for me near the doorway.  After opening the box and staring extremely confused and befuddled at the all of the stuff that came in the kit for a while, I decided to try tying a nymph.

And here she is.  I'm calling her the Closing Time Nymph.
(Sorry no "recipe" on how to replicate, I have no idea what I used!)

Yes, she's a little pudgy, sorta disheveled, and her hair is a total mess - but when the rest of the pretty flies have already left the fly box, you take what's leftover, especially if it's your first time.  Take one last swig's closing time.


  1. I guess you could consider "closing time" cute. I wouldn't consider my move into tieing flies as a leap. More like a baby step. I'm only going to concentrate on the Wooly bugger and the Wiggle tail for now, but hey, who knows what Summer might change.


  2. I actually LIKE that fly, Trout! Anything with flash, ribs, and a little bit of "messed up hair" to look like it pulsates is good.

    Don't forget - one of the best early season flies in PA is the Muskrat Nymph, which is NOTHING more than muskrat dubbing wound around a hook. To make it better, you pick out some of the longer guard hairs with a needle until it looks like a road-kill on a hook.

    And it catches trout!


  3. Not bad for the first one. I made the plunge last month as well and I'd like to think I'm getting better but I don't know. I guess the fish will be the judge.

  4. Thanks for all of the encouragement and positive feedback guys!

    @Shoreman - Baby step now, but I have a feeling once you tie a few...

    @Wolfy - I'll have to give that fly a try. Maybe try to whip something similar up before I get out on the water this Saturday.

    @Bill - Thanks again for the compliments, would love to see some of the patterns you've been tying on your blog.

  5. Now you have gone and done it! There is no looking back. Fly tying is contagious. As I commented over on Shoreman's blog, "Leave a little time for the fishing".