February 25, 2010


PCU was on TV over the weekend.  It's a movie that came out just at the time I was about to enter college, perhaps it's because of that it's also one of those movies - much like Gladiator - that I'll stop in my tracks and watch at any time, should I notice it's on while flipping through the channels.  Doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes in, or an hour and 10 minutes in, the remote drops like it's hot.

On a subject that appears unrelated until you get to the photo comparison, I got my weekly MidCurrent email this yesterday, and one of the stories was about genetic hackle.  What is genetic hackle you ask?  Well, I won't bore you with the details - click HERE if you have an interest in learning about selective breeding's role in fly tying - but I couldn't help but thinking this chicken is a lost member of the P-Funk All Stars.
Just the dog in me baby...


  1. PCU was on demand. So you can watch it again tonight. Or I'm sure we got some great chick flick from netflix this week. :)

  2. Even better, guess that makes it Comcastic...(rubbing hands together and making a Hamburglar-like grin).

    I need to get into your Netflix queue and add some more movies with explosions, swords, or pirates.